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It was day 10 of our journey through space. We were having no problems for the most part.

There were about 60,000 passengers on the Auroras when the violent descent began. Everyone screaming, rushing to escape pods.

I was travelling alone so I had the money for a pre- set up pod. I never felt right getting into those things, so small and barely reinforced.

I knew if i didn’t get on I would die, so i strapped in and braced myself for the drop. At the time i didn’t even think to wonder where I would land, or even why we were going down. I noticed multiple things about the pod.

There was a device capable of fabricating objects out of just the material. There was a ladder in the middle of the pod to escape once it landed.

I remember getting really dizzy once the pod was shooting toward the planet below. At that moment a piece of metal from the pod fell loose and knocked me out.

I remember waking up in my pod after that and waiting. I was waiting for the rescue team to come help me. I finally got up and looked out the window. The planet I had landed onwas what looked like an endless planet of water, and there were only 2 islands within my sight. I was startled by a loud beep from a radio on the wall. I went up and pressed the button to activate a message.

“Your personal life pod has landed on planet S-84C. This planet is currently on a high status quarantine. There are 0 signs of human life within the next 10,000 miles.” The moment I got out of my pod i saw the Auroras.  I saw fire and sparks hopping off of the huge ship. About 20 seconds after i got out i was startled by a huge explosion from the ships engine.

I couldn’t stop to think, i had to find out how to get off of this planet. I realized that I can use the fabricator to make some kind of transportation or weapon

I climbed down the side of my pod and started looking for any kind of materials to help make gear.

I recalled needing copper, titanium, and something called creepvine I had never heard of, to make a better scuba mask.

As i started searching the copper and titanium were pretty easy to find, being in one area together, but i assumed that the creepvine must be in a different area. I headed over toward the Auroras to look for creepvine, and like I thought, it was just in a different area.

As i looked at the creepvine i began to realize that everything around me was very beautiful. There were fish and plants that I had never seen before in my life.

But as i was staring, suddenly a huge creature resembling a dragon shot towards me.

I didn’t even have time to think before i was swimming as fast as i could in the direction of my pod.

I could feel the tentacles coming out of the monsters mouth and grazing my feet. I had never been more scared in my life, but i had a feeling that this isn’t the scariest creature down here.

As i was just getting to my pod, the creature got my foot and gave me a small cut. I was okay but some water was able to enter the cut. I wasn’t sure if the water was clean but i had no time to focus on that. I went to my pod and looked at the fabricator home screen. I was able to make a knife, a scuba mask, and a device that can scan organisms and tell me information. I decided to go and scan some of the creatures and plants around my pod. What immediately caught my attention was a very large coral looking creature with an entire landscape just sitting on its back. My machine said that this fish was called a reef back. “The back of this creature was mostly used for ancient mobile buildings” the robotic voice whispered. That intrigued me. The robot said that it was in ancient times, which must mean this planet was formerly thriving with some kind of alien. As I looked around more i decided to check out my cut due to pain. The cut looked like it had a tint of green all around, which was worrying. I needed to eventually check out the island closest to my pod, which was pretty close to my area. It took about an hour to get there, but i thought it would be worth it. I noticed a large building with an underground entrance and glowing lights slightly hidden by the vines all around. I walked there but on my my found a glowy white tablet, about the size of a computer. I picked it up and examined the dull glow before setting in my storage for later. Once I got to the front  there was a shield in the door blocking any entrance. There was a small pedestal almost buried in vines. Maybe the tablet goes in there I thought. I put the tablet in and the shield started to evaporate away. As i walked in a creature larger than any other appeared almost telepathically. “If you go on this path you will be very upset with the truth. Go back if you wish to die happily” the voice boomed. It disappeared from the path and i kept walking. I need to know why I was the only one to survive. The path was long and I was getting tired but I kept walking. I eventually got to a pedestal with a hand scanner, which was glowing with everything else. I was scared but I scanned my hand and got ready for whatever could happen. A long twisty metal rod shot out of the machine and scanned my face. The tip of the scanner had a large needle and that scared me. I started to try to escape with no success. The needle stabbed into my arm and came back out extremely quick. The screen was now glowing red with the word “infected”. It must be the cut. I hastily grabbed my foot and looked at my cut. There were green bumps all over the cut. My vision started getting wobbly and I fell over. The large bumps started to explode and shoot green goo all over the place. I heard loud voices coming from the entrance. I kept looking at the green goo and realized that it was my infected blood. The loud voices belonged to troops that were sent to help the crashed ship survivors. I died at that moment. Not on a hospital bed, not even from the infection. The helpers shot me and took the large building for themselves. The resources on that planet were sold for billions of dollars. But nobody knew my story.        

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