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A normal day in the life of Jeremy Adams, first I wake up, take a shower, then go to work, after I hit the bar, sleep, and repeat. Every day the same thing, sometimes slightly changing but for the most part, the same. I intern at a local Secretary Office in New York, working for unappreciative fat bosses, with gold digger wives, and bratty children who stop by the office every now and then for Take Your Child to work day. After work I walk to the most convenient bar near me, The Queen Victoria. Where I get my usual shot of Jack Daniels, and meet new people after a stressful day, I mean I do work 10 hours a day, if I want to get a little buzzed I can.

My alarm rings, it reads 7:00am, ‘Its way too early for this…’ I think to myself. I jump out of bed and head to work, I start driving but soon hit the early morning rush hour. After I got through traffic I arrived to work, I was tired, annoyed, and already ready to leave. “Good morning Mr.Adams”, Angela told me. Angela was one of the other interns, she worked front desk. I smirked at her, good morning Angela, how are you this fine morning? “Im perfectly fine, thanks for asking” with a tone of sarcasm in her voice. I walked past her into the busy boardroom where, the meeting over new bathrooms in Central Park were taking place, useless but I have to attend so I can write notes on whats going on and bring coffee to my delightful boss, Mr.Delatori. 

Mr.Delatori, is a middle aged Divorce Lawyer, residing in NYC. He takes over divorce cases for some of the most famous reality stars based in the US, like Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston. “ Ok, everyone lets get this meeting started! “ said Mr.Delatori. They went on for hours about these new bathrooms, the conditions of the  current ones, the budget money we have, and just so many other boring things. I started to daze off through the window, not paying attention to what was being said, when all of a sudden I felt someone tapping my shoulder. “Hey man shouldn't you be paying attention to the meeting?” I turned around to the stranger, it was Scott Delatori, Mr.Delatoris son and, one of the most privileged kids I have ever met in my life. I rolled my eyes, well Scott, im sure that I have everything under control. Just as I said that Mr.Delatori had stated that the meeting was over.

I pulled up into Queen Victoria, seeing many familiar faces, and new ones. Make it my usual, I said to Alberto the bartender. “You got it Jeremy”, he slid me the shot glass from across the bar table, and I drank it in seconds. I started to talk to people surrounding me when all of a sudden I made a very awkward eye contact with a particular person from the other side of the bar, it was Scott, I rolled my eyes. “Is he even old enough to be in here?” I asked Alberto. “I thought the same thing, but he showed ID and everything checks out.” Just when it couldn't get more awkward I hear someone shouting, “Hey Jeremy!” I turned around, oh hey Scott, I've never seen you here before. “ Oh yeah its my first time here, it seems like a pretty cool joint!” He laughed. As if this couldn't get anymore worse I thought to myself, “Do you come here often?” Yeah I do, everyday after work. Im a regular here. “Oh… well that’s cool, can I sit with you?” I hesitated for a moment but in the end said “sure, have a seat”. 

“What do you want to drink?” I asked Scott. “I don't really drink, I only come for the scene.” He laughed. ‘What the hell is this kid talking about’ I thought to myself yet again. Well Scott, don't take offense when I say this but you don't really seem the type to come to a bar like this, what are you doing here? “Well” he replied, “My father is doing his work, and the estate gets boring sometimes and look I'm meeting new friends already, just like you Jeremy!” He said with a smirk. I look surprised, well not all of us have mansions to go back to Scott, I took another shot, you know you should really try drinking if your bored I said to him. “Oh well I'm not really a dr-“ I stopped him, you say you come here for the scene so take a shot I handed him a shot glass full of whisky. “Well I suppose..” He took the shot in his hand and hesitantly drank it, he shivered, that felt great! For the rest of that night I taught Scott how to act in the world we live in today, over social media and, in real life. Surprisingly enough, we became pretty good friends. 

The next morning I woke up tired from the other night dragging myself out of bed and into my car. I was still shocked at how close me and Scott became friends, I mean we have two completely different lifestyles in the sense that I've worked for everything I have and he had everything handed to him. I pulled up to work, and walked into the building. Good morning Angela, she looked up and smiled. As soon as I walked in I was shocked to find Scott sitting at my desk with his feet up, on his phone waiting for me to arrive. He looked up as I walked in, “Hey man! Some sick night yesterday right?” I laughed, yeah sure what are you doing on my desk, I replied. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I pulled some strings and got you your own office so you don't have to be cramped in this little cube anymore!” My mouth dropped, are you kidding me? “No sir, not at all, and I have it guaranteed that after your done interning you can have a job here all suited for you!” I was in shocked, I had only met this kid last night and he's already doing things that most people in my life could never provide. 

It kept getting better, and better from there. Scott had a lot of connections and always just seemed to make my work life better, and it wasn't like I was using him, I actually did enjoy hanging out with him. September 26th, tomorrow was my 22nd birthday, somehow Scott figured this out and said that he had huge birthday plans for me this weekend and to meet him at his house after work tonight. I was surprised, it would be pretty awkward going to my bosses private estate for my birthday. Either way I of course had to go so later that night I pulled up to the 100 acre property in my small Honda Civic, I had never been in a property this big.. I knocked on the door to find a quick response from Scott, happy birthday man! Big twenty two, huh well this weekend I have crazy plans for us starting tonight! I look surprised but happy, he led me to his room where he started to go over our crazy plans which I could not even believe to be true. Tonight we were taking off on his private jet to Las Vegas where we would have VIP in all of the best clubs, from there we would go to Miami the next day and live it up on South Beach, and from there we would fly overnight to Paris and spend the rest of our weekend there. I laughed so hard, not believing any of what Scott had just told me, but to my surprise yet again it was all true. 

We headed out at 10:00pm on his personal private jet to Las Vegas, we arrived there at 12:00am, at that point I was expecting us to stay at a hotel and go to bed for the night, but no we were just about to start my birthday weekend. We went to club LiFE, a new trendy club which was still overflowing with people near past midnight. That night we partied and popped bottles the whole night until the next morning where we would head out to Miami. South Beach, the land of clubs, bars, and beautiful yet trashy beaches all in one. We head to Fountain Bleu one of the most popular hotel in the world based in South Beach where we had a private suite on the top floor that was over $2000+ a night. I never once asked Scott where all this money was coming from, because at the end of the day I knew it was all coming from his dads credit card, and Scott reassured me that after he met me he took trips like this all the time. After we took our break in Miami, we headed out to Paris. We arrived on Sunday ready to spend my last day of my amazing birthday bash in a blowout. Scott had rented a suite for us, that had a view straight onto the eiffel tower. We sat on our porch sipping wine (which I had always introduced him too that trip) looking back on the amazing weekend we had, I went on and on about how grateful I am for what he had done for me and he had promised for more to come for every single one of our birthdays.

After that year, I had finished my internship and had a job at the Secretary Office, which paid a lot of money. My whole life had been flipped around, I supported my whole family and myself with one paying job, I had met a girl which I was planning on marrying in the spring, and everything was looking good for me. Me and Scott had continued to be great friends, and had our usual weekend trips to go to the latest new clubs in L.A. In the next few years Mr.Delatori would grow to be old and not be fit to run the empire he had once started, this meaning that he would pass it down to his son, Scott Delatori. A few weeks into Scotts reign, the business was already going up, and he invited me to join him at the top to help him control this empire. I gladly accepted. To think of that one meeting so long ago when Scott tapped my shoulder to tell me to pay attention, to what great friends we were now. My life had been flipped upside down in such a good way that I could never be more thankful to him. Until the day we would die, me and Scott would be the great friends we were destined to be. 

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