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Desert City Chinese 


It’s the same different thing every night. Right off of the intersection between Pluto and Venus, the dystopian utopia lays. The weirdest of people live here, but one particular girl, Abigail, is just a little weirder than the rest. She lives a very boring life, walks the same road every day, she even eats the same thing every day, Chinese food. This should come as no surprise, she owns a Chinese restaurant.  She opened it for many reasons. Growing up, she was told only Chinese people could open a Chinese restaurant, she now gets to prove this wrong. Another thing, Abigail is a rather anti-social person. The business world in terms of owners isn’t very friendly, so her only friends are the waiters at her restaurant. This, although uncommon, provides a lot of productivity in the workplace.  

Now, Abigail doesn’t own any old Chinese restaurant, her restaurant, named “Abigail’s Hut” in Chinese, is the largest and most popular in all of Desert City, and the entire solar system too. Nothing big however, people come from pretty far places to experience Abigail’s Hut. I mean who wouldn’t, it’s a two story Chinese restaurant with great food and live sharks with lasers attached to them, are you still not sold? Despite all the benefits of owning a major restaurant, revenue, fame, revenue, was revenue mentioned? There are also downsides. One in particular, the enemies you make in the extremely competitive business world. Now, if you couldn’t tell already, things in Desert City work differently. In a normal, Earth restaurant, if an owner were to pass away, the next position in line of command takes over. That’s not the case here, if an owner dies in Desert City, their establishment has to be closed down completely, out of tradition. Abigail’s Hut by default and logic wasn’t going to last forever, but, a small Chinese restaurant owner named Moe wanted it to go away quicker. This is where the story starts, cue.  

An abnormally normal day is unfolding in Desert City, the robot slaves are doing their labor, the cars are driving sideways, and Abigail’s Hut is open and inviting. Poor Abigail has no idea that a jealous Moe is scheming against her and her restaurant. Poor Moe too, he could be benefiting off of Abigail, despite the business world being unfriendly, a little kindness really goes a long way with her. Hell, she could’ve bought him some land and advertised his restaurant, become the largest and most popular Chinese restaurant chain to ever exist in the galaxy, but no, jealousy ruins everything. Aside from murdering a person, that's Moe’s plan by the way, murdering Abigail, there’s another major law Moe’s about to break, murdering someone on their birthday. Abigail’s happens to be today, but the crude, heartless Moe knows this and doesn’t care, he wants her out. The plan is to wait for her to come out of the restaurant, no specific time, it is very sloppy yes, and pull her into an alley and assassinate her.  

Moe sits atop another establishment’s roof for hours being a complete idiot, not knowing Abigail only comes out at 11 to go home. He wants to fall asleep from the boredom, but doesn’t let himself, he wants to get it done tonight. There’s so many things that are not going to let him finish his task, one of which is quite tall, but he is a careless man who never learns. While his stupid self sits outside of Abigail’s Hut, missing all the fun, people inside are ecstatic. The sharks are playing extremely intense laser tag, bets are being placed on the sharks, a birthday is being celebrated on the second story, complete with a six layer cake and a live electric guitar solo, and everyone else is just conversing, joking, and having a grand time. Abigail sits at her desk in her office, counting her money. Her security guard, Aaron, ducks his head down to get into her room. Saying this guy is tall is an understatement, at nine feet tall, not a lot of people, or things, are taller than you. Thankfully for him, besides the doorways, the roofs at Abigail’s Hut are very high up. He goes up to her desk to inform her of something.  

“Miss Abigail, there is a suspicious figure dressed completely in black on top of the roof of the building opposite to ours watching the entrance. Should we do something?”  

Abigail observes Moe, not knowing he is Moe, that wouldn’t change anything, she really doesn’t care enough.  

“No. Keep an eye on him until he goes, if he doesn’t by the time I leave, show him we mean business Aaron.” 

She replies, implying that Moe will be put to sleep rather quickly if he doesn’t go soon.  

“Yes, Miss Abigail” 

Aaron then ducks under the doorway and goes back to his usual job of keeping everyone inside of the restaurant safe.  

A full night of fun is held at Abigail’s, just like every night, but closing time falls and it’s time for everyone to return from however close or far they’ve come for the experience. Moe notices the mass of people leaving and prepares himself to go in for the kill. An hour passes, people stopped coming out of the restaurant half an hour ago, and Moe nearly falls asleep, but then it happens, what he’s been waiting for all night. Abigail walks out of her restaurant and into a dark, dank alley. She’s just making Moe’s job easier, he thinks. She’s about halfway through it when he drops down out of seemingly nowhere and confronts her.  

“Abigail, you’ve been the queen of the Chinese chain for a long time now, as much as I respect your accomplishments, there’s a new king in town now, and his name is Moe.”  

Abigail takes a moment to really register his words, noticing a particularly tall shadow peering around the corner, but maintaining an expression of concern on her face. 

“You know Boe, or whatever your name is, you really don’t have to do this. I could offer you a good position in my restaurant or free takeout for a year or something." 

Moe takes a couple seconds to consider the offers that were just presented to him.  

"That free takeout offer is very tempting, but it won't affect the business at my establishment. My name is Moe, not Boe by the way."  

Abigail completely loses a sense of danger at this point and just finds Moe's threat comedic, thus ridiculing him for it.  

"Yeah whatever Joe look you passed up on some great offers, now you have about 5 seconds to run before you regret your actions."  

Moe is semi shocked by the sudden changed in Abigail's approach to the conversation and situation, but still responds the way he would any situation similar to this one. 

"Is that so? Please do explain to me how, this time using my correct name, MOE." 

Abigail already has her answer in mind, at the tip of her tongue. 

"I'm not going to tell or show you anything, but my bodyguard most definitely will." 

Moe is then rapidly grappled around the neck by an incredibly long arm, and within 15 seconds, he is knocked out and motionless on the floor. Abigail starts to thank Aaron but before she can get a full word out, he interrupts her. 

"Absolutely, it's my job Miss Abigail." 

On this note, she proceeds to adjust her crocodile skin purse and walk home. Just one normal night in the abnormal Desert City.  

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