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Sweaty hands, heart beating out of her little chest, hair in ponytails and her nails in her mouth. This was Sally at the start of her first day at Pre-K. Sweet and weird. She looked at the door and at her mom. She turned towards the sky and said goodbye. She went to the door, frightened of what she might find on the other side. Her mom grabbed her hands, kissed them and let them go. Once again, she was in a room filled with creatures of her age, but they weren't her kind. They were loud and obnoxious. Sally just looked at them with an expressionless face. She observed their movements and what made them laugh. Even though she disliked them, she realized she had to befriend them. She put on the best smile she could make up and took a turn around the room. Even though she didn't want to admit it to herself, she wanted friends. She wanted people to like her.
She saw some friendly faces in the crowd, but no one that she thought was really worth braving up for and talking to. Then, a taller girl with big, brown eyes and long brown hair in a black tutu came over to her. She had one of the loveliest smiles Sally had seen. Her name was Alex. Sally swallowed up her pride and walked up to her. She introduced herself and Alex answered back in a gentle tone. Sally was elated. She spoke more with Alex and found out that she was a 2nd grader and a ballerina. Sally was mesmerized by Alex's kindness and intelligence. Alex’s eyes were so intense that they sometimes appear red to Sally. She didn't think that there would be anyone like that after what she went through with the daycare kids.
After a while, Alex had to leave to her class and Sally once again had to face the world by herself. Well, the Pre-Kindergarteners. She found a seat next to the wall where she could rest her head and hopefully hide her face. She scanned the room from her spot for people to try to connect with. After Alex, Sally was curious if there was another gem in this class. She set her sights on a porcelain-skinned girl with blue eyes. She looked like one of the China dolls that adorned the shelves of the house of Sally's aunt. It wasn't her beauty that Sally settled on. It was the fact that she seemed nervous too.
Her name was Emilia. She spoke in soft tones. It seemed like it hurt her to talk and let words out. She mostly communicated with nods and smiles. Sally was not really impressed by her, but she was her conquest and she had won her over. So she was satisfied with herself. Then, Sally met Xiomara.
Xiomara was rotten. She was only a year older than Sally, but she had no sense of warmth in her manner of speaking. Sally despised her for her cruelty and arrogance. She looked down on all the other children and declared herself ruler. All of them were frightened of her or simply didn't care if she told them what to do. They just followed her while Sally watched from the shadows. She didn't want to follow. Sally spent 3 years trying not to follow her. 
The day came when Sally was handed a sheet of paper and was told to write her name. She did not know how. She was now only 6 and she had never been taught. All she knew how to do with a pencil was draw. Letters were just drawings on a paper to her that meant nothing. She tried to scribble an S, but she didn't even know what an S looked like. It stressed her a great deal. The teacher came around to check her progress and was shocked at Sally’s paper. She screamed at her for not knowing how to spell her own name. Sally began to try to hold back her tears as the harsh words beat her down. It hurt. It wasn't her fault that she never learned how to spell her name. She was just a child. How would she know? Sally sat there as the teacher yanked her pencil from her hand and wrote down Sally Sanchez in capital letters. The teacher threw the pencil on her desk and moved on to Emilia. Sally was left stunned and crushed completely. She excused herself to the bathroom and locked herself in a stall. There she found solace and let her tears fall. She wondered why people were so cruel to her when all she ever wanted was to have a friend. She never did anything that was morally incorrect and she was always kind and giving. There was no explanation for why these things happened to her. They just did. 
Sally went home and told her mother that she did not know how to write her name and burst into tears when saying it aloud. She thrust herself into her mom's arms, where she wept softly as she was held where she could be safe to cry in peace. Her mom was crying too. She felt guilty for not teaching her how to write her name. She never thought about it before. Sally saw her and told her it wasn't her fault and that she would learn. Sally wiped her tears away and set off to find a sheet of paper and a pencil. She wrote Sally Sanchez down over and over until it was engraved into her memory. Until the hand just moved around to form the name without her even thinking about it.
She picked up reading fast. She remembered vocabulary words easily like they had always been sitting there in the back of her mind. After the name writing fiasco, Sally practiced her writing a great deal and read many stories during her spare time. She grew fond of them and enjoyed losing herself in the words. She hummed the words like a song. It made sense that she put words and melodies together, as they were the two things that resonated with her. Well, that and Dora La Exploradora. That was her shit.
She went through 3 years of trying to get Alex’s affection and 3 years of attempting to find something in common with anyone in that school. At the end of it, she was tired. She let enough tears fall and dry. Many toys had been sacrificed in the name of making ‘‘friends’’.

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