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“Come on Carter! Just do it!” Jacob practically yelled at me through the phone.

“Jake, I can’t just go up to her and ask her out… She’s Raven.” I said back.

Jacob had been trying to convince me to ask my crush out since I told him. But in high school, where everyone has a label, there’s all this pressure. And now that tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, he’s been even more persistent.

“Why not? So what, she’s intimidating. If you don’t ask her out tomorrow, you’ll never know what she thinks of you.” Jacob said impatiently.

“Well… fine.” I said, pausing, “Whatever. I got to go. See ya.”


I walked up to Raven alone at her locker. There was about 5 minutes before first period.

“Hey, Raven.” I said, looking at my feet.

She turned to face me. “Oh, hi Carter.” She said.  

I looked at her face. She looked so beautiful. I looked back down at my feet. “Hey, so… I was wondering… I just wanted to know… Do you want to go out with me?” I stammered.

She looked at me in surprise. “Well… Wow! Yeah, ‘course I do.” She said smiling, “What time?”

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