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I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to pretend that it was a nightmare yet, I couldn’t get myself to wake up.

   This all started on a normal Saturday morning. My family and I were going to go to my grandparents house, like we do each Saturday. Earlier that morning, things were strange for me. When I was in the shower, the soothing hot water turned into stinging cold water. That feeling when you touch a hot stove with your finger except cold. I couldn’t see the shower handle move but I could definitely feel it. Also, throughout the morning, I kept getting strange phone calls. I didn’t answer but they left chilling voicemails. Once it was time for us to go, I was a bit skeptical of this whole situation but I still got in the car. My dad was playing his usual 80’s music throughout the car speaker while my mom was talking on the phone loudly with her relatives. Like normal, my brother was listening to his own music with these new shiny headphones that he got for Christmas. I was looking out the window the entire time. It’s something that I love to do because it gives me time to think. I was especially reflecting about what had happened earlier. The fact that I could feel the presence of something that I couldn’t see, gave me chills.

   We finally arrived at my grandparents house. Since it was such a nice day, we were going to go out on their pontoon.

   “Hey Honey!” I could hear my grandma shout from the door as soon as I got out of my car.

   I went up to her and my grandpa and gave them each a big hug.

   As soon as I got inside, I spotted fresh baked cookies and a huge tray of fresh fruit. I was so excited for the wonderful day we were going to have today! As soon as I finished my cookie, my grandpa told me to put on my swimsuit, which I had already done before I left my home. My grandparents also have a golf cart that I love to drive. My grandma told me that I could drive it down to the dock if I wanted. I undoubtedly said yes.

   Once we were down at the dock, My brother and I helped my grandparents carry some stuff from the golf cart to their pontoon. We also brought some snacks for the ride too. My grandparents started up the boat and told my parents and I to get on. It was about 80 degrees out making it a marvelous day to go out on the lake. After about a 20 minute boat ride around the lake we finally settled down and anchored. We all started talking and enjoying the nice day. We had tons of classic American snacks that my family and I munched on as we talked to Grandma and Grandpa.

   “Last one in the water is a rotten egg!” My brother shouted as he was about to jump in.

   “Wait!” I yelled back.

   He paused, and then I jumped in the water before he had a chance to react.

   “Ha, you’re a rotten egg,” I said with a snarky voice.

   He said that I was cheating but I just told him that it was strategy. To get revenge, he was trying to catch me but I was to quick for him. After a few minutes of chasing me, he finally “caught” me. We were doing the same thing we always do, messing with each other. My parents and grandparents were still on the pontoon talking and laughing, while my brother and I were still swimming in the lake. We both heard a loud crash near us and paused. We had no idea what it was. We both asked our family members if they heard anything but they said no.


   There it was again! Even louder than last time! We asked our family members again if they heard it but they replied no. My brother and I were starting to get scared. At that moment, I remembered what had happened earlier. The thing with the shower and the voicemails I received. I immediately got chills across my entire body.

   We heard the bang once more, but this time it was followed by a bright flash of white. Everywhere I looked, all I saw was this glistening white. The only thing I could see besides the white was my brother, standing right next to me. We were both in awe. We didn’t know what was going on. Two seconds ago, we were in our bathing suits swimming in the water and now we were fully clothed standing in large white space. We heard the bang again, but this time it was followed by a black ink color. Now I couldn’t see my brother but I could definitely hear him. The black turned to white again, but this time without the bang sound. My brother and I spotted a very tall man about 20 feet away from us. We approached him but he didn’t speak. We tried to get his attention, but he was frozen.

   “He doesn’t even blink,” I said to my brother.

   As soon as I said that, he started to speak.

   “Hello, my name is Blink,” he announced.

   He talked exactly like a robot. Actually, he was a robot. Well that’s what he told us. He told us that we had gotten picked to test how well siblings work together. Our job was to try to escape from this enormous white room using only ourselves and anything we had on us. We tried to ask Blink some more questions, but he didn’t respond. We think that he was programmed to only tell us specific things.

   “Okay, well let’s get out of here then,” my brother said.

   “I don’t think it’s that easy,” I replied.

   We tried to look around to see if we could find any doors or openings but we couldn't spot anything. We were basically stuck in a large white box. About twenty minutes later, my brother pointed out a little drain in the ceiling. It was an extremely tall ceiling which made me think that we couldn’t reach it. Luckily, I had my brother so he could give me a lift. I got on his shoulders and reached up there. The only way to unscrew the cap for the drain was with a screwdriver, which of course, my brother and I did not have.

   “Wait, I have a pocket knife!” My brother said with an excited voice.

   He handed me the pocket knife and it fit perfect! Once I unscrewed the cap, there was a lever inside the drain. I couldn’t reach it so I asked my brother to push me up as much as he could. I finally reached the lever and pulled down on it hard.

   All of a sudden we heard a bang and we were back next to Blink.

   “Congrats you guys found the way to escape the room,” said Blink. “Now I will place you back in the water.”

   We heard a bang one last time, and saw a flash. We were now back in the lake. My brother and I both started at each other one last time. We were in shock with what just happened. We had no idea how we got there and got back.

   “The only reason we were able to escape is because of you!” I said to my brother.

   “No, the only reason we escaped is because of you!” My brother replied.

   My grandparents heard us laughing and asked “What’s so funny guys?”

   “Oh nothing!” We replied.

   “Teamwork makes the dream work,” my brother and I told each other at the same time with smiles on our faces.






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