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The frosty air was biting at Reed’s skin and nose. She could feel a tick biting into her leg. It didn’t matter. The pride of her first catch was pulsing through her body. The scrawny squirrel was dangling from her mouth.  A tantalizing smell wafted from the prey, but Reed resisted the urge to take a bite. Her pack needed the food. As the den came into view, Reed began to run. 

“Look!” She barked in excitement, holding her head high to display the squirrel. Brook, Reed’s litter mate came bounding out.

“Your first catch! Congratulations Reed!” Reed’s tail began to wag.

“I’m so happy!” she laughed.

For the first time, Reed walked up to the prey supply, a small hole in the ground, and dropped it into the pile.

As the sun began to drift down to the horizon, Reed sighed and let herself fall into a peaceful sleep.

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