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 Do you ever wonder about the colors of the rainbow? Red is love, when you have your first kiss and you feel sparks of electricity flowing through your veins. Yellow is when you stuff birthday cake in your mouth and try to express your joy by smiling. Orange is the outcome of the electricity flowing through your body(red) and birthday cake(yellow). Excitement! Blue is when it starts raining on your beach party. When red and blue mix, it creates purple, hope. It’s when you’re training and practicing for a soccer game. There are obstacles like losing, but hope is what keeps you moving in the direction of winning. Green is spring, between winter(blue) like the color of frozen ice caps on a lake and summer(yellow) like beautiful daffodils. Spring marks a new beginning, a fresh slate on which anything can be drawn. Lastly, there is clear, which reflects all the colors of the prism. You can't always see them through the prism because it has to be at a certain angle. With all the races in the world, it reminds me of the colors of humanity.

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