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Life at school

Beep, beep. Come on Ryan were late for your school. Ugh, why do I have to go to school mom. It’s for your own good, so hurry up and hop in. Ring(Lunch). Sup Ryan. Sup. So, how’s class? Boring as usual. Why do you think that? You know why, you really want to know, it’s because every class is boring, every subject is boring, and to top everything off school is boring. Okay, see you later then. See you later.

(3 hours later)

I’m home mom. Oh, hi sweetie. So, how’s school? Boring. Still? It must be one thing? Oh, probably I being bored to death or slowly being tortured in each class. Also, Mom why can’t I go back to my old school. Why can’t Tommy go to a new school just like me. Oh Ryan, Tommy is probably not going to adapt very well in a new school because he’s little. That doesn’t change anything mom. Just because he’s little doesn’t mean that he can’t go to a new school. Okay, okay we can make a deal. If you patension is every class and do after school activities for at least a month and you still want to go back to your old school, you could. Okay mom I will try my best.

(Next Day)

Bye mom, bye sweetie. Have fun at school. Okay. (During class) Hello class lately some of you are not taking my class seriously anymore. So, for the people who don’t listen in my class will get detention for a whole week. Understood students. Yes, it is understood sir. Ring(Break). Hi Ryan, oh hi. So, how’s class? Wait, probably the usual. No, it’s great. Wow, is this the Ryan I know gone and if yes did aliens abduct him? No, no, no. You got it all wrong. First, I didn’t get abducted and second, I did a deal with my mom. Ok, I was wrong. Thank you for saying that. You we never abducted by aliens. You are an alien. Wait what? You were never a real person, you wanted to get information for your leader, so you could invade earth and have it for yourself. Well I got news for your leader all right. So listen very carefully. YOU WILL NEVER STILL ARE PLANET THAT EASILY, SO YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST DO BETTER OKAY!!Ok calm down. Like I said, I made a deal with my mom alright. Okay. But can I ask you this. If you were an alien, would you attack a front forward assault or air assault. Oh my gosh, still with that alien stuff. Okay, Okay I will stop. But is this deal of yours working. Yeah, it’s  working. Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you that a new boy coming this Thursday. People say his name is Bill. Okay thanks for telling me that. Welcome. See you in class then. Ya sure see you in class. (Ring) Yes, finally it’s P.E. Hi coach. Hello Ryan. What are we playing to day? Some dodgeball. Yay. Thanks coach. Also, before we start playing I have an announcement to make. What is it? The basketball tryouts start tomorrow. Awesome right students. Oh, yeah sure. So, try to tryout for the basketball team. (Ring) Bye Ryan. Bye. Come on Ryan I’m late for work. Okay coming mom. Also, are you going to the tryouts? Yes, but why? Since I have to do after school activities I want you to be there playing with me. Okay. Okay. See you tomorrow and also remember we have to help the new kid around. Okay, thanks for reminding me that.


Okay mom I’ll be nice to him. Also don’t forget your shorts. Okay see you later mom. Okay, now hurry on and catch the bus.(Ring) Hi my name is Ryan and this is my friend Kyi. Oh my name is Bill and I hope we be the best of friends. Okay? So let’s get on moving. So this is our Science lab. Oh are you sure this isn’t some kind of joke because if it is a joke that’s very funny. No,it’s are real science lab. What! This can’t be I thought science labs were supposed to be bigger. Well if you have a problem go talk with the principal. Okay I’m good. This is are cafeteria. What is this place? A junkyard. No it’s a lunch place. Well in my old school it was very clean and not messy like yours. Finally. Finally what? You could leave. Oh okay thanks for the awful touring around the school. Okay bye. Finally he left. I couldn’t last another second around him. I know right, he’s so stuck up. At least we could have fun at tryouts. Yeah.


Hey bro. Hi. Do you think you’re going to make it to the basketball team? I don’t know. But anyways if I don’t make the team I still have a choice to go or not to go back to my old school. Oh ok. Well good luck. Okay thanks. Attention boys. Today were are not going to be regular old boys, no today we are going to be a special boys. No even better we're going to basketball boys. So are you going to show me what you got. Yes coach. So let’s get going.

(Next day)

Hey bro guess what? What. I made the team. No way. I made the team to. How? I still don’t get how I made the team and I missed all of the shots and I fell like 10 times each scrimmage we play. But be happy to be in the basketball team. Oh okay. Also did you check out your position? No. But did you see yours. Yeah,I am going to be point guard. Wait here I’m going to check. Okay. Hmmm let’s see here. Oh found my name. So I’m going to be…. Waterboy? What’s that. I’m going to check that out. Hey Ryan what’s a waterboy. Waterboy? Why do want to know. I just want to know. So do you know? Yeah it's supposably a  boring boy who delivers water to other people when it’s a game. Oh ok. But at least your not waterboy right. Yeah, I’m sure not a waterboy. Oh okay then, bye. Bye. Also Ryan it’s a game tomorrow. Okay.

(Next Day)

Oh no what do I do. Ryan you okay up there. Yeah mom. Okay and also game is in 5 minutes. Okay.

(At the Game)

Okay I’m going to see you after the game. Okay mom. Have fun. Bye.(30 later) Hey stupid waterboy. Hello. Hi. Hey guys stop being mean to him. Okay, jezz. Why do you need to be stuck up Kyi? Go I said. Hey are you okay. Yeah. Hey wait I know that voice. What Ryan? I thought you said you weren’t the waterboy. I was. Then why did you lie to me? The reason was to not make fun of me since I wasn’t on the court playing you guys. Ryan you know that we always stick together no matter what. So your not going to make fun of me. No, of course not. I would never make fun of my best friend. Oh and also let me show you how to shoot. Okay thanks buddy. You welcome. Hey Ryan is that your mom. Umm, yeah. Wait here. Hi mom. Hi sweetie. So how did you think about the game? It was really fun and also I want to stay at this school. See I knew that you would like this school. But really thanks mom. You welcome.


The End

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