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Your mind is powerful. It can free you from whirlwinds or trap you in a corner. Your mind is the rock that keeps you on earth, from flying away into the infinite sky, like a balloon slipping from fingers; or from falling deep into the admiral ocean, muted from the world. But sometimes your safe house is the trap. Why not fly off to walk on clouds and gaze at stars, seeing your toes twinkle with every soul? Why not dive into  deep sea and sink, watching the sky’s light disappear? Why not just float away and slowly swing in the sky, feeling the wind dance away? Humming in the meadows with little red birds and watching the lavenders sway in the fields, follow that petal from your aunt’s dead rose, in that glass vase from seventeen years ago, down the gentle stream to a roaring cascade. Down you go, and then you float. Maybe you’ll get lost. Maybe you’ll forget. But when you find your way back, sitting by your desk, staring at these words, you’ll wish that you were still floating away.

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