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Clarissa was an old widow that sat in her house and never talk to neighbors.  Her husband died but she never told anyone how.  She let them believe that he died in a car accident but she never told anyone that she killed him and made it seem like a car accident. When she killed herself her granddaughter found her diary stating her crime. This is her diary.
Senior year
I met this guy name Ryder he is so cute he has blue eyes Brown curly hair. He always wearing black. We were chatting all day he's the most romantic guy I ever met. He gave me a rose every day, by the end of the week I'll have a tiny bouquet of flowers, every week it was a different type of flower. He made me feel like a princess. It was upsetting when the end of the school year came.
I was so happy when Ryder went to the college with me our love was everlasting nothing could break us apart. That's what I thought until there was a lot of girls all over Ryder my jealousy only grew. But soon I calmed down because I realize that Ryder was mined and not those other girls. On the last day of college Ryder has proposed to me it was the happiest day ever.
The wedding
The wedding was beautiful, the flowers the cake, everything. My dress was perfect the Vail was beautiful with a flower headband at the top. It was so beautiful that's it's so hard to explain. When I walked down the aisle my heart was beating so fast. I stood across from Ryder holding his hand saying my vows, we kiss and everyone applause. We dance like no-one was watching and we were the only people in the room. It didn't matter what people thought about us as long as we were together. After the wedding, we went on our honeymoon which was also awesome. we went to Hawaii, Such a beautiful island.
I got pregnant on our honeymoon. We had a daughter and we name her Laura.
Now Laura is in college I'm so proud of her she graduated high school with a 4.0gpa
20 years of marriage (the present)
We are still madly in love I wake up every day just to see Ryder face. But lately, he has been going on a lot of business trips.
He's always going somewhere. I know he's working but I just want to see him.
An Affair
I caught a plane to Paris to surprise him.  I explore lots of beautiful places before I got to the hotel he was staying at. It was such a beautiful sight. I got to the lobby of the hotel and I was exhausted.
"Ryder Jackson room"
"286, here go the keycard."
"Thank you."
I finally found his hotel room when I heard moaning. I thought to myself that it was the people next door. I open the room and walked inside.
It was a Surprise alright I saw Ryder and his assistant on his bed half naked. I backed away almost tripping over my own two feet. I ran down the hall.
"Clara! Wait"
I ran to the airport and got the next plane back.
The murder
I didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. Ryder got home the next day and acted like nothing happen. I yelled at him a lot and throwing things at him. After a while, I was still angry, I felt betrayed. I drove his car a couple blocks over made it look like he was coming home. I destroy his car, beating it with a sledgehammer my anger was wearing off but not yet. I felt so betrayed I walked home I needed the extra time to think. When I got home I decided to cook some stew. Since that was his favorite food and I already bought the ingredient and already cut some of the vegetables up the other day.
I was in the kitchen when Ryder came in
"I'm sorry," he whispered
I was getting angrier.
"How can you be sorry! When I bet all your "business trip "you were doing the same thing!"
I blanked out the next thing I realize that I pushed him and he flew and hit his head on the table. I panicked my mom came running down the stairs. I forgot she was staying with us. She gasps at the sight.
"We have to call the police.!" I yelled while picking up the phone. She grabs the phone set from me.
"No, we can't!"
"Why not!"
"They would take you!"
" what do we do!"
"Where's his car."
" I destroyed it in the woods a couple blocks from here."
"Let's go!"
We droved to the woods where I destroyed his car. My mother put his body in the driver seat. She then turns the ignition the car, I was surprised when it turned on. She put his foot on the gas and let it run into a tree.
The next day we called the police reporting him missing We answer their questions soon they found his body I cry when the police told me, I was not fake crying I was feeling guilty because I shouldn't have listened to my mom they would not have taken me. They said their apologies and left.
The ghost
I couldn't get that moment out of my head it kept flashing in my mind. My mom left back to California and I was in the house by myself. My daughter would come and go but I didn't feel Anything. I just stayed there in my house doing nothing. Until that day, When I saw Ryder face when I looked in the mirror, I screamed in horror. I ran down the stairs and saw his bloody body on the floor. I was panicking I ran upstairs too. Calm down because I knew it was my self-conscience driving me crazy. When I got to my room there was a message on my wall.
I ran outside when people saw me they were Surprise because I haven't been outside for 3 years. But I was too scared to care. I got in my car and called my mom, she didn't answer. I was really freaking out. I realize I left my pendant in my room it was too special to leave. I ran upstairs to get it when I got up there the message was gone. I sigh in relief I lied down and went to sleep.
I can't take it anymore! I keep seeing Ryder's bloody body on the floor and him and his assistant on my bed. It's too much! I kept getting a message on my walls. I wanted to leave but every time I told someone about it they just think I'm some crazy lady. He's been haunting me for a year now and I can't take it anymore!  He got his revenge but I'm ending it now!
Goodbye cruel world! 


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