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The worst choice ever. Today is the day I'm going to my dad’s house for the first time in 3 years. I know I'm gonna miss my mom. I’ll be 865.1 miles away from her. The whole summer with my dad, oh boy, it's going to be a long one. 
My dad pulled up in a shiny gray 2017 Chevy Camaro. I was riding my scooter up and down the sidewalk. I saw him, he got out of the car and ran toward me with a big smile. I was excited to see him but scared at the same time. He would always say “I’ll be here I’ll be here,” and I would get my hopes up, and the day he said he would be here he’s not, so I stopped getting my hopes up. Now he's here and I don't know what I’m feeling. I love him and miss him. We walk up to my house, I'm holding on to him with all my might saying to myself. Why did you leave? Did you have to go? 
I get my bags from my house. My mom and dad talk about a day my mom is gonna pick me up from my dad’s house. I’m walking down to the car with my bags in my hand, and this lady I’ve never met gets out. 
“Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m your dad’s wife.” I shudder at the word wife. Knowing what he does. 
“Hi,” I respond awkwardly. I get into the car and hug my little sister Mari.  There is another girl in the car, she’s my step-sister, her name is Robyn. I don’t get to see her much, so it was good to see her. The car ride was super boring, we just played on our phones the entire time.
15 hours later, we arrive in Atlanta. I fell out of the car with my bags in my hand. Mari, Robyn and I ran up to the apartment building. We walk into the apartment, and I'm surprised, to see 3 guys sitting on the couch. My dad walks in behind me and introduces me to them. The oldest one's name is Ryan, the middle one's name is Justin, the youngest one's name was Christian. 
“Zoya these are your step-brothers.” 
“Uh, hi,” I said awkwardly. I set my stuff down next to the couch and sat down. We were all quiet until Ryan asked everyone if they wanted cinnamon rolls. They all said yes, except me. 
“You sure you don't want one?” Ryan asked. 
“I'm sure,” I replied. He walked away. My dad and Lisa went into their rooms to get ready for bed. It was super late, it was 1:00 AM. Robyn and Meri got ready for bed, Justin, and Ryan was playing GTA 5 in the living room. Robyn and Mari came out of the bedroom with their PJ’s on. “We don’t go to bed at this time, we go to bed at 5 AM.” Justin and Ryan said. I was so confused. The latest I've stayed up is midnight on New Years, but 1 in the morning is so late. 
“Wanna play too Zoya?” Justin asked. I’m kinda shy when it comes to new people.
 “Um sure, only if you teach me,” I replied. They taught me how to play, the game was so easy. Five minutes later, my dad comes out. 
 We turned off the TV, making the room pitch black.  I was scared. Not in the dark, but of my dad. We threw on our clothes and lay down in our designated sleeping spots. I lay down and started to doze off. I was half asleep when water slowly dripped down on my head, then all of a sudden  Splash! A whole pot of water went all over my head, they were recording it too. It was so embarrassing, I was soaking wet it was horrible. I didn’t know what to do, I ran to my Dad’s room and knocked on his door.  No response.  I knocked again, no response. I walked away from the door in tears, my soaking wet moppy hair dripping water all over my face.  I was cold and wet. I lay down on the wet floor where I had been laying. I put the wet blanket over my head and fell back asleep. I woke up to the smell of wet dog. It was me who smelled like a wet dog from last night. My hair was a mess it was wet and tangled. My dad asked us who was knocking at the door, he seemed pretty upset about it. 
“It was Zoya, she was crying,” Christian said. 
“Zoya, why where you knocking at our door?” Dad asked. 
“Well, Justin dumped water all over me while I was sleeping,” I responded. 
“No I didn't, I would never do that, Vince I’m older you have to believe me,” Justin argued. 
“I believe Zoya, she’s all wet how can I not believe her, plus you’re older you need to own up to your actions. Remember you’re 15 years old.” Dad responded back. ”Go take a shower Zoya.” I walked to the bathroom to shower off when Justin stopped me in the hallway.
“Zoya you got me in trouble for pouring a little bit of water on your head,” Justin argued. 
“That’s so unfair!  You poured a whole cooking pot of water on my head,” I argued back. I walked into to the bathroom to shower. The bathroom was gross.  It had grime on the bottom of the shower.
“No way am I getting in this tub without flip-flops on,” I whisper to myself so no one heard me. I ran to get my flip flops out of the bottom of my swim bag and ran back into the bathroom. I got in there and took my clothes, feeling the cold air conditioning hit my back. I turned on the shower and got in.  It was cold at first but then it got warm. I washed my already wet hair with shampoo and cleaned my already wet body, removing the horrible scent that I hope to forget. 
                Later that day we walked down to the pool, it was a nice pool. I jumped straight into the pool.  It was so nice to be in a pool. 
“Zoya let’s play ‘Marco Polo’!” Mari yelled at me. 
“Okay, I’ll be Marco the rest of you are Polo!” I yelled back. I got out of the pool and counted to ten.  I jumped into the pool with my eyes closed and yelled “MARCO.” 
Justin, Mari, Ryan, Cristin, and Robyn yelled “POLO.”
“MARC- !” I hit someone. “Was that you Mari?”
“Ugh, you got me!” Mari yelled.
“Marco!” Mari yelled.
“Polo!” we all yelled back.
“Agh you got me!” Justin said.
“Guys it’s time to go home,” Dad yelled. 
We got out of the pool and grabbed our towels. We walked back to the house with my towel wrapped around me. The pool water was dripping down my back, the hard cement was scratching my feet. When we got back to the apartment I ran to the bathroom and changed into comfy clothes. When I came out of the bathroom everyone was on different sides of the room on their phones not talking, I was super confused.
“Guys, what are you doing?” I asked.
“While you were in the bathroom Mari decided it was a good idea to slap me in the face," Justin said.
"Mari, why did you do that?" I asked.
"I don't know I just felt like it," Mari responded. 


"Dad come on we have to go to the football game," I yelled.
"Okay, I'm coming," dad yelled from his room.
    I run out to the car with Mari, Cristan, Justin, and Ryan.
“Ok Christian in the middle, Justin and Ryan on each side of Christian,” Dad says
“Umm where are we gonna sit,” I respond.
“You’re going to sit on their laps. Zoya you’re on Ryan’s lap, Mari you’re on Justin’s lap, and lastly Robyn you’re on Christian’s lap,” dad said.
I crawl into the cramped car after Mari and Robyn got in. We were in the car for twenty minutes. We finally got to the football game. Dad went down to the football field with Ryan. Mari, Justin, Christian, and I walked up the cement stairs to the bleachers. I could see my dad from where I was sitting, he had on a bright red shirt that said Coach Vincent on it. 
After the football game we got ready for bed. Just like every night I was afraid to go to bed, I was so afraid that someone was gonna pour water all over my head. Tonight was not going to be that night. Justin and I stayed up until eight in the morning planning this. I got all the ingredients to do this.
“Ok, I got the hair gel, shea butter, and the shaving cream,” I whispered.
I put the hair gel all over my hand, then placed the shea butter, then the shaving cream. Right before i could slap Christian in the face he woke up.
“What are you guys doing?” Christian asked.
“I’m washing my face and Justin is playing GTA 5,” I replied.
Christian started to doze off when ‘SLAP’ I hit Christian straight across the face. 
“Zoya what was that for?”
“That was for pouring water on my head last night,”I responded.
I layed down on the couch and fell asleep. 
“ZOYA GET UP!” someone yelled in my ear
I jump right off the couch and fell onto the floor making a loud noise.
“Christian told me what you did last night. Because of that you have to clean the entire kitchen,” My dad yelled.
“Ugh what a lucky day,” I said.
I walk to the very small office with my dad following behind me. I sit down on the uncomfortable office chair.
“Why. Did. You. Slap. Christian?” My dad yelled as he punched my arm with every word.
“I wa-wanted pay back for him pouring water on my head yesterday night,” I cried.
“You are gonna sit in the office until you realize what you did wrong!”
All day I say in the office, Sitting there just thinking.

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