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Walking into the ballroom, she knew everyone was staring at her. Instead of trying to hide, like she had been for the past 6 months, she decided to hold her head up high. Reaching up and pulling on a pin holding her hair up in a bun, her golden curls came tumbling down, and the crowd gasped in unison. If she was to become the next queen of Aldoneva, she was going to do it her way. Of course, she was terrified, but she couldn’t let them know that. Them being the councilmen of course, desperately waiting to see her fail. Despite the fact she was legally to be the first publicly voted monarch of her country, they still believed those who ruled should be of royal blood. She was simply a girl from the society where the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. She didn’t mean to start a revolution, she just believed that it shouldn't matter where you were born, everyone deserved a chance. She needed to show young people that they could do whatever they wanted to do, even become queen, and she was ready for her next adventure.

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