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One summer day, a flock of sheep was grazing happily in fresh pasture.  The bright sun gave the grass a delicious, bitter-sweet taste.  “This is sweeter than the sweetest grass,” thought a lamb, upon finding a tender patch of clover.  When the sun began to set, the lamb did not notice her flock returning to the barn.   

The lamb heard the snap of a twig.  With a mouth full of clover, the lamb looked up to see a puma stalking her! The lamb froze in terror.  The cat’s eyes were the color of death, piercing.  Its paws were as silent as the grave.

The puma was about to pounce, when suddenly, an enormous, majestic dog lunged towards the puma. The cat felt the air move, dodged instinctively, and then fled with all of its strength. The dog was only a whisker away when the cat scaled the fence and escaped.  

It took a moment for the lamb to realize that the livestock guardian had been stalking the puma!    

With great relief, the lamb was escorted home by the dog -- her guardian, her friend.

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