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Şakir and Alton were waiting for Suzana.

“She’s late. That’s not like her,” commented Alton.

“Maybe we should go help,” commented Şakir.

Let’s,” said Alton. “But remember who we’re up against. Mastermind drug dealers and their associates. We never know what they’ll do next.”

Across town, Suzana and her driver, Quinton, were chasing the drug dealers. “We’re catching up,” said Suzana.

“Uh oh,” said Quinton.

Smash! Crash! The cars collided. Suzana jumped out. She saw drug dealers running away. Just then, a black Mercedes pulled up.

“Hop in,” said Şakir and Alton. “We’re on a chase.” Their car quickly caught up.

“Hands up,” said Quinton.

“I’m Hugo, and I do what I want,” retorted Hugo.

“You might as well turn yourselves in,” said Suzana.

“No,” said Hugo firmly. “You’ll never get us.”

Suzana and Alton barely saw Hugo push a button.

“Duck,” screamed Suzana, as she and Alton dove down. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the earth. When Suzana and Alton got up, they saw four bodies lying on the ground. Alton said, “This will be a sad report .”

“Yes,” agreed Suzana. “Very sad.”

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