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Dear Lola ,
    Thank you for all the destruction you’ve caused in my life. I thought you were the only good thing I had in my life. You were my guardian angel, or at least that’s what I thought. When we grew up together in that orphanage. You were my best friend. You told me that I was going to be adopted by the best family in the world. You lied. That family that was rich and happy went to you. You took the only joy I had. They choose between me and you, and of course you get all the happiness. So forget me not because you’ll be seeing this face again very soon.
 On planet lkinaxen, ruler Iris had just given birth to her two twins Luna and lola. Just as Iris was admiring her two beautiful baby girls she heard the horrible news.One of her terrified soldiers yelled out to her.
 “WE ARE UNDER ATTACK GET TO SAFETY !” She knew exactly who had started this fight but that didn’t matter. She had to get the baby’s to safety. Iris heard rumors of a planet called earth and she knew if that place was real she could save her baby’s. In shock she took her baby’s and ran as fast as he could to a pod that would get her baby’s to earth without being seen. She placed her children into the pod and typed EARTH into the screen. She blew both of them a kiss containing magical powers. The countdown began 3….2….1…

    When they reached earth all of their memories were gone, they didn’t know they were sisters. It was a 12 year long journey. When they were found the were sent to be put up for adoption.they were both adopted the following day. Lola was adopted by a loving family who were very wealthy. She was put into the best schools and if she wanted anything she had it at her disposal but, she felt empty like she was alone. However Luna was adopted by a horrible rugged family. They had 6 children of their own and never payed attention to her. The other kids didn’t go to school but luna did. The only person luna had to blame was that girl who she could barely even remember lola. 12 years passed and lola continued her wonderful life. Luna however was determined to find out who the girl was that got the happy ending that luna believed  she deserved. 


    Luna finally got enough money to buy herself a car and small apartment. This began the connected dreams that lola and luna started to share. They knew that these dreams where telling them something, but what? In luna’s dream she was in a car driving. She passed 3 signs. The first read “your almost there”. The next sign said “ keep going”. She saw one more sign in the distance that said “ STOP” just then she saw a young girl walk across the street. Luna was worried for her safety since she was all alone at 1 A.M. When Luna got out of the car she woke up. Luna felt like she had to recreate this situation she got in her car and drove until she saw the signs. When she got to the sign that read “STOP” she saw the little girl. However this time she saw headlights but they disappeared soon after. Little did Luna know Lola was doing the same dream. She saw the girl and the sign but, she never saw Luna. They both followed the little girl until the came to a barn. They both walked into the barn and saw two different floating screens Lola saw two baby's and a mother on a planet that wasn't earth. The baby's were happy and giggling with a happy mother there to watch them. Luna saw something that made her blood boil. She to saw two baby's. One with vibrant blue eyes and the other with piercing green eyes much like hers. The baby with blue eyes was happy with a loving mother while the baby with green eyes was alone and crying. No one heard this poor child's calls. It reminded Luna what happened to her in her life
 “she took it from me.” Said Luna “she took my happiness!” then a voice started to come from the levitating screen 
“Get it back,” said the screen. “Get back your happy ending!” 
Luna looked at the screen and ina angry to she said “How!” 
The screen replied “open your hand you have no marks, not even a fingerprint.” 
“why?” Said Luna. 
“Because you have powers, find the nearest living flower and try to pick it up” said the screen. Luna saw a beautiful white lily. As she reacted to pick it up it shriveled up and died in her hand. 
Luna smiled. “I will get my happy ending!” She raced out of the barn into her car and drove home. 
Meanwhile lola was still in the barn when a voice came from her screen, “ Find her.” 
surprised luna replied“Is she why I feel empty. Is she what I need.” 
“Yes,” replied the screen. “Find the nearest dead plant and put it in your hands.” Said the screen. 
Excited she ran over to a dead rose and cuped it in her hands. When she removed her hand she saw a beautiful fully bloomed red rose. “I'm coming for you sister.” As he happily dashed out of the barn into her car and all the way home.

     When they got home lola and luna started experimenting with their powers. Lola found out that she could grow plants, and revive dead plants. On the other hand, Luna had other things in mind. She was going to use her powers to find and kill the girl that began all of her misery. After weeks and weeks of luna practicing with her powers, she finally understood and uncovered all of the powers she had. She found that she could take control of people's thoughts as she tested them of to get 1 of her 6 siblings in trouble, she had the power to kill nature and realized it when she touched a flower in a garden, and last she discovered she could turn into multiple people and discovered this when she felt two heart beats in her chest. Both her legs stepped in different directions and she split. She thought her sister was powerless against her an she was ready to find her. Little did luna know lola was practicing with  her magic too.

Lola thought that she discovered all of her but she hadn't. While she was taking her daily run through the park she stopped at a bench to take a small break. She saw a little tree. When she touched it the tree grew legs and arms. Then the little tree man made a small sword out of dirt.she didn't know how to turn it back into a tree though. She stomped, yelled, and snaped. She thought of everything she had already done and then clapped. She closed her eyes and saw that the tree man was just a normal tree again. She continued her run until she got home. When she returned home she saw dull green slime on her hand. She took a paper towel and wiped it off but, just then she realized a small vine had grown on the paper towel. In shock lola went to sleep. A couple of weeks later lola went to the orphanage that she was adopted from and asked what family her friend luna was adopted into. The gave her the address and the parents name and she went to their house. As soon ask she got there she saw how horrible the living conditions where. The air was foggy on a sunny day and the house was at least one hundred years old. This worried her a little but she didn't care. As she walked up to the door she could hear lots of screaming coming from inside of the house. She knocked on the door and no one answered . She knocked again and no answer. Lola knew that there was someone there because she could still hear the screaming. She knocked one more time and her Luna’s mother answered the door.
 In a rude to she shouted “ what do you want!” 
Luna replied in a quiet voice and asked “Hi, by any chance do you know a Lola?”
  “Yea” the woman yelled. “What do you want with her?”asked the woman.
 “We grew up in the orphanage together. Might you have her address?
 Just the in woman took a piece of paper and wrote all of her information down and handed it to her. 
“Here she’s a useless slob anyway.” With no words left the woman slammed the door in Lola’s face. The journey to find her sister was in place. “ I’m coming to find you Luna.” She thought to herself. And with that said Luna jumped into her car and right away drop to her sister.
End of book one


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