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Chains, heavy metal chains engulf me; my body and soul - wolflike. The iron shackles on my wrists weigh me down, preventing me from moving easily. I whimper as I curl up on the floor shivering as my starving bony frame presses up against the freezing stone floor, the cold stinging my body, sending little shocks through my skin. Flies buzz around the wound on my arm from where my skin was cut to reveal a layer of matted fur under my skin. I growl at the annoying sound of the small black insects’ wings rapidly beating in the air. The almost quiet flutter of wings makes me jerk my head to look at the far wall of my cell where a little window lets though bits of light. The bird is long gone but I watch as dark grey storm clouds stretch across the horizon making the light in my room darken as it begins to rain.

The chains clang against each other as I haul myself towards the light. I squeeze my hand between the the rusty old bars that have been placed on the window, because covering me in chains and putting me in a cell was supposedly not enough. I let the light rain fall onto my hand, the little droplets hitting my pale skin and then rolling off and falling down to the ground. I stare out the window as the last slivers of golden light escape between the darkened clouds. I watch as the sky darkens and the light breeze moves the stormy clouds revealing the silver glistening of the full moon. It would be beautiful if it didn't almost kill me once a month. The wolf within me grapples for strength as I try to contain it within myself. But I can't help it; The full moon gives him power making him stronger and in control. I pull my arm back in as dark black hairs begin to cover my skin and my body twists in ways that should not be humanly possible. I scream in agony as everything goes black and an old memory flashes in my eyes.

-Flashback  -

I was in the woods. Pine trees towered above me, their shadows dark against the full moon’s light. I gazed over the endless span of forest trying to find anything familiar in the darkness. I was lost, losing my way after hunting an animal. A rustle in the leaves made me jump in fear as I warily looked around. Looking into the darkness of the forest, a pair of glowing yellow eyes stared back at me. As the creature approached me I took a cautious step back. I couldn't make out what this creature was, at first glance it seemed like a wolf. It was covered in fur and had sharp gleaming fangs, but as it neared me I noticed that its eyes were not like that of a dog or wolf. Its eyes were more human, less fierce and wild. I gripped the leather handle of my knife as I slowly took another step back. The animal glared at me, growling, before springing onto me throwing me to the ground. My knife fell out of my hand just out of my reach. I struggled, grabbing tufts of the creatures matted fur, making it howl in pain. The wolflike animal nipped at my face as I managed to shove the creature off. The creature was quick to recover as it got back up faced me again. I attempted to scramble away desperately reaching for my knife which lay in a pile of pine needles. I had gripped the handle of my knife once again when I felt a sharp pain begin to spread though my leg. Turning around I saw the razor teeth of the animal digging into my flesh, blood seeping out, making my head spin. Trying to not pass out I gripped the leather handle of my knife and dug the gleaming silver blade into the body of the wolf. It howled in distress as it released my leg and fell back, whimpering in pain.

I jerk back to reality and look upon what that night had done to me. The creature I feared had become a part of me leaving me cursed and alone. Walls surround me from all sides making me claustrophobic. The barred door lead to, well, more wall. A few torches lighting up the the other side of the door filled me terror. The chains wrapped around my limbs attempting to contain me scrape against the stone floor. Fear rushed through me as the walls seemingly began to fall upon  me. Adrenaline pulses throughout my veins filling me with anger as I ram my body against the metal bars. Whimpering in pain I get back and slam my side against the door again. The sound echoes through the dungeon as the lock rattles against the stone wall, its rusty shackle on the verge of breaking. Over and over I slam the side of my body against the metal bars. My ribs pain but I kept trying, desperate to escape. Again and again and again. The lock was almost broken but hey, so were my ribs. One. Last. Time. I tell myself as I again backed to the far wall. Anger pulses through me as I charge at the door like never before. I twist my body sideways as I fling myself at the door. The chains break open open as my body collides with the door. My body overflows with pain as I look down too see one of my ribs sticking out in a strange direction creating a lump in my matted grey fur. Trying to ignore the pain I focus back on my task. A loud shatter had been heard when the lock fell to the ground, broken. The door slowly screeches open, the sound echoing throughout the endless hallways. Carefully I step out of my containment.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps reverberates through the stone walls. The sound grows louder as I turn around and see guards marching towards me with armed weapons. Snarling at the guards I turn and run in the other direction. I heards their shouts as they run after me. From the corners of my eyes I saw others like me, still contained in their cages their eyes full of pain and sorrow. Torchered by the power of the moon, and the strength of the wolf. I halted when another set of guards appeared before me. Trapped, I looked around me. Guards surrounded me muttering things I didn't understand. I saw fear in their eyes. But there was fear in mine too. I let out a low growl as I paced around in the small circle they had formed around me. Panic rushed through me as my breathing became harsh and painful from my broken rib. I tried to remember my purpose, why I needed to escape. Memories of the forest came to mind. The soft sound of animals scurrying across the forest floor. The sharp smell of pine, filling your nose. The trees surrounding you from all sides reaching up towards the sky. I needed to go back. Gathering up what little strength I had left I launch myself through the rows of guards. I tackle them to the ground, their weapons clattering to the floor. I slam one’s head against the stone floor, snarling devilishly as they back down.

I feel invincible as I run out of the prison and into the darkness of the night. The streets are empty and silent as I pause to inspect my rib. An ugly purple bruise had appeared against my hairy pale skin. My breaths are shallow and raspy. But I get up and keep running. I think of my legs. How my legs are moving faster and faster. Until I don't think I can't go any faster. But i push myself. Bit. By. Bit. Until everything around me is a blur. The stone walls of the city blend together into a grey streak of color as I make my way to the forest. I look forward focusing on the edge where the trees meet the rows of confields. I reach the edge of the forest when I collapse on the ground struggling with every breath. I’m not safe, I'm never safe but at least I'm free. My heart pains and breathing is almost impossible. I see a crowd of people approaching me, their eyes full of anger and hatred. You see people hate anything different. They'll even kill it if they need to. And they did.

I lay on the cold wet forest flood. Blood spread from my body to to the bronze pine needles that lay below me. Dawn comes upon me as the sky illuminates with streaks of golden light. I slowly close my eyes never to open them again.

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