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I live in a house made of Legos. I built it all by myself. I made it to protect myself from all the nasty remarks that have been hurled at me. I created this home to shield my heart from the hell outside my plastic door. Whenever someone insults my hair or makes fun of my voice, the walls of my Lego shack grow taller. Every time you threaten me or say to go die, my sanctuary grows darker and the colors start to fade, being replaced with new ones. Don't be deluded by the glossy facade, for the interior is anything but. The walls develop new layers every time I find your merciless notes shoved in my locker or crammed into my school bag. My den may look silly, but for me it's my shelter from your storm. The polished bricks are closing in on me but at this point I could not care less. It just means I'll have more of a barrier. My Lego layout is my safe haven, and no one will penetrate its walls.

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