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Friends are are like a wonderful sweet nectar that sometimes in spring are sweet but when time comes they become bitter and inedible. They are there like a cloud in the sky so peaceful and calm but sometimes rain down on you with their harsh words. They are like lemonade on a hot summer day but are also like the brain freeze that follows. They are like angels but are devils at times. They are like glue always sticking to you but are also like water slipping away from you. They are like water to your to a plant and your fire. They are like  grass to a giraffe but are also  lions at times. They are like the snow that softly covers your branches protecting you from the cold winter. They are a blessing but also a burden. They are the ones who cherish, respect, and support you through good times and bad. They are the ones that tell you that you are never alone. They are the ones that help you grow stronger to endure the hard journey of your life.To be alone is to be cursed. Friends are life. You cannot live without them. Remember that.

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