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She had a gorgeous luscious hair with light to mid brown hair, with cool tones. Her eyes were blue as an ocean and there were lines of shining green surrounding the pupil. Her noes were small as a button and it was the cutest nose I’ve ever seen. Her lips were red as a cherry and her cheeks were always soft pink. When she was blushing hard, her cheeks became redder and redder. It looked like there was a flaming fire on her cheeks. Her whole face looked beautiful she had a sharp oval face like a shining diamond with no single pimple or acne. Moving down to her shoulders, they were the smoothest shoulders I’ve ever felt. Or was it because she took a long shower almost every day? She smelled like her shampoo and she always wore bright dresses with flower patterns on it. She loved bright colors because that’s what made her happy. Her smile was the biggest, sweetest, whitest smile ever. When I hugged her, she was so soft and gentle like a fluffy teddy bear. She was like a one gorgeous yellow sunflower standing straight with confidence with many other flowers in the field. That's how gorgeous she was. But I can’t see any of this anymore because I just describe my dead best friend who died 2 years ago.

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