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The girl

Who wakes up

And looks in

The mirror

And sees

Not the sharp jawline

The skinny body

The flat chest  

Of a man,

But the soft face

The curved body

The busty chest

Of a woman.

She can’t escape it

It feels like a weight on her shoulders

She mustn't tell

She can’t tell

All the sports bras

The loose sweaters

The black jeans

The messy hair

The dirty Converse

The lack of makeup

Isn’t self-neglect,

It’s an attempt to break out

Of her feminine shell

But she c̶a̶n̶'̶t̶ can.


The school

Is a place

Where he can be

Who he is

The love

And support

Is endless

And those who don’t know

Will learn

And those who don’t care

Too bad.

Everywhere he goes

A trail of happiness

Of love

Of individuality

Follows him

Giving everyone

A chance to be


Although some may be


They are still there

Still alive

And kicking

Even he

Is invisible too

He carries the flags

Of pink, white,

And blue

Of green, white

Pink and red

The few

But many

Who stand out

And the ones

Who say

“Not yet”

They are brave

Like the boy

With the flags


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