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In medieval times, there were elemental powers scattered throughout the kingdom. There were lot of elements, but the main 4 emperor elements were fire,earth,water,and air. For several decades the four elements kept peace. Then, one day, a lesser element, chaos, challenged water to a duel. Water loss, and chaos was labeled one of the emperor elements. This angered water’s friend, ice, to stepping up to chaos and challenging him to a duel like chaos had did to air. But fire, being the main enemy of water, stepped in, and challenged ice to duel on the uninhabited island of aether. Air warned ice not to accept fire’s challenge, but ice was so full of hatred that he accepted fire’s challenge. Both of the elements sailed to aether, and began to fight as soon as they saw each other. Fire was strong, but ice overthrew him. Their battle changed the climate of the island, causing one side to be ice, and the other to be fire. Chaos sailed to aether, and found fire frozen in a ice block. Chaos unfroze fire and the two swore to kill ice, whatever it took. Meanwhile, Ice, Water, and Air found a town far from chaos and fire territory, found a home, and found a job in earth territory.

20 years later

Fire woke with a start. What a horrible dream! Being frozen by Ice again. No, that would never happen, he thought to himself. Fire looked around and noticed that his room was covered in what appeared to be red sand. He leaned in for a closer look, and shot back as a huge,red spike nearly clove him in two! The door to his room burst open. “ look who’s up.” Chaos strode into the room, or rather floated. He floated on sheets of pure chaos. Even though he resembled a human, a red and black smoky substance poured off him in storms, covering his face, except his eyes, which glowed with the color of vein blood. His voice was metallic. His hands were covering something that looked like a doll. “ what do you make of this?” Chaos said. He tossed the doll like object to fire. It landed in his lap. Fire looked at it closely. It was a doll, one he recognized. “ String from moss side village. Black pine from the mountains. Stained with water from..” Fire paused “ Kyros.” He threw the doll back to Chaos. He sat down. “ you understand what I’m getting at, right? This is the village that Ice, Water, and Air are hiding in.”
Fire smiled wickedly, “ I see. We gather our troops and go through the portal strait to kyros. It’s the fastest-” “No” Chaos interrupted, “ if we take that path, it’s certain that earth himself will ambush us, and I don’t want to draw the attention of everybody. I have a path way better than yours. And I assure you, they won’t see it coming.” Chaos’s laughter sounded like a saw on rocks, echoing throughout the entire kingdom.

Water summoned water into the big iron pot, and set it on the burning hot stove. He she insisted on doing the cooking by herself, even with the town treating the three of them like kings. The day they arrived, they were given a mansion and a job protecting the town from enemies and natural disasters, like droughts (she is the best at dealing with those). With herself and air being emperors, she was used to it. Water poured some rice in the pot. As she stirred, she couldn’t help but notice the movement in the corner of her eye. “Come sit at the table,guys. Dinner is ready.” Ice and Air sat down at the table. They both had there elemental powers pouring out of them. Ice’s body kept crumbling and reforming like an iceberg. Air kept blowing the silverware off the table. Every time he picked it up, the air would pick up again and blow them off. Air sighed. He formed a mini dust devil, and played with it, spinning it on his finger. “I’m bored.” he said, “someone hasn’t attacked in weeks!” Ice let off a blast of cold air, “ I know, but it’s just the way life is.” They all sat down and ate. Water turned to air, “ Did you see the strange lights last night?” “ Yeah, happened just outside the village. I feel like I have seen someone who has a power to create a glow as red as that, but I don’t know who.” Ice shifted uncomfortably, “ I don’t want to spook anyone, but I feel like we’re going to be attack by someone soon.” As if on cue, the house exploded.

Ice woke to a horrid laugh. He felt a huge amount of heat radiating around him. His eyes stung from smoke. He looked up and saw 2 people that brought a shiver to his body. Standing in front of him was Chaos and Fire, both looking down on him. Fire looked just as ice had remembered. A captain's cloak made of fire. A body made of smoke, and a face with a twisted sneer. His voice was dark and smokey. “ hello, ice. What happened to the person that froze me on aether 20 years ago?!” he kicked Ice into a wall. His head swam with pain as fire let loose volley after volley of punches. Ice dropped to the floor. He could see nothing but red. He coughed violently, and realized that he was coughing up blood. Fire loomed over him with a sword made of solid flames, ready to chop Ice’s head off. But before he could, a new voice said, “ stop.” Chaos put his hand on Fire’s shoulder, “ let me take him on. He did challenged me 20 years ago, after all.” “And you can fight us, instead!” said water and air. They charged at fire with the most mean look on their faces, and engaged fire in a fight. Chaos looked at them as they fought, “ aww, I wanted know one to interfere, but no matter.” He turned back toward Ice, “ I will enjoy killing you, Ice.”

Ice saw to options, run or fight. 20 years ago, he would have run like the wind, but he was stronger thanks to the strong raiders that invaded the town from time to time. He yelled and charged at chaos. Chaos chuckled, and sent a volley of blood red chaos sand spikes at Ice. The spikes sliced through Ice like a cheese grater. Chaos laughed, but it died in his throat as Ice reformed from the ice pieces that he had cut up. Chaos growled in anger and charged him, causing the ground to blister and boil. Ice knew what was going to happen next. He shouted “ duck and cover!”, hoping his friends got the message, and dove behind a building just as the ground blisters exploded, causing a shock wave that leveled the entire village. Ice stood up, and was kick into the air. Chaos laughed, “ I wanted to do this ever since you froze fire! Good bye, ice!!” Then a huge spike shout out of the ground and skewered Ice in mid air.

Ice found the elements confusing. From the day he was born, he sparred with his friend,Air, and every time he lost. “ things that aren’t solid in real life,” explained air, “ like air, water and fire, can’t be hit. We can’t because our bodies are made of those elements. But things like rubber, metal, and chaos need a source of power. For example, the reason chaos can’t be beat is that his source of power is the world. So if there comes a day you fight him, keep that in mind.”

As Ice sat there listening to the maniacal laughter of chaos echo in his brain, he thought about what air had said. “He was right.” Ice thought, “Chaos can’t be beat. But maybe-” He looked up at the sky. The moon shone bright in the star lit sky. “ I have to take this somewhere else. A new battlefield.” ice thought. He looked at the spike. The spike was red with blood. Ice looked at chaos. The spike seemed to be coming out of him, like it was a part of his body. “ THAT’S IT!” ice thought, “ all of chaos’s attacks are a part of him, so if I freeze the spike, I freeze chaos.
Ice grabbed the spike and willed it to freeze. In less than a second, the spike was shattered, and chaos was frozen in a ice block with the most surprised look on his face. Ice looked over at the other battle. Air was bleeding all over. He sat in a corner of a toppled building. Water fought fire all by herself. Fire tried to attack, but kept getting doused by water every time. Ice ran over to air. “ Hey, can you do something for me?” Ice explained his plan. Air breathed in shakely, “ I can try.” Suddenly,from the ice block, there came a explosion that rocked the world. When the smoke cleared, chaos faced ice and air, and roared with anger. Air looked at ice, “ Are you ready?” “yes.” answered ice. Air made a air bubble around ice. Ice looked at chaos, “Air, go help air fight fire.” “okay!” said air. Chaos ran at ice with terrifying speed. When he got close enough to strike, Ice grabbed him and threw him in the sky, aiming for the stars. Ice built a tower out of ice, and followed chaos into the sky.

Ice looked around. The stars were brighter now, and the earth was a huge ball of yarn. Chaos had a nervous look on his face. His eyes shifted around, taking in the new area, “ Where am I? What did you do? How are you flying?!” Ice sighed, “ I can ‘walk’ on the air by freezing it, and in the area on the boundary of earth and space, it’s very cold, but there is still a little amount of air.”
Chaos laughed, “ You can’t beat me, I-” he would have said more, but ice froze his mouth shut. He punched and kicked at chaos. Chaos fought back, but his attacks were getting weaker. Ice’s plan was working. Ice summoned a sword made of ice, and stabbed, cut, and thrust at Chaos. Chaos shot back as a huge wave of energy sliced through the air, making the air steam. “ How can you project your cuts and stabs?! No element can do that!!” Chaos yelled. Ice smiled,” how can nobody do it if I just did?” chaos screamed and floated away on sheats of chaos. He didn’t even have time to look back, Ice’s cut caught him in the head, propelling him toward the moon.
Chaos hit the moon, and the moon exploded in a shower of sparks, shooting ice back to earth, and making him blackout.

Ice woke up to a tearful water dabbing his head with a wet cloth. When water saw that ice was awake, she hugged ice, almost crushing him to death. Air was beside her, beaming like the sun on a summer day. A crowd of villagers cheered, “ All hail Ice, the new emperor!!” Ice was shocked. “ why-” “ we beat up fire real good.” said air, “ then, while we were helping the villagers, we saw chaos fight you in the sky. Everyone saw you throw him into the moon and destroy him. Your a hero!” Ice looked all around. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

On top of the mountain, a figure surveyed the village. “ yes, your a hero. You beat chaos!” it said to itself, “ I look forward to fighting you, ice. And this time, your the one who will lose!!” the figure laughed, and vanish into the shadows.

The end

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