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Uncomfortably, I sat on the park bench, staring at the grocery store sign across the street. I studied its dark, colorless patterns, just like everything else in the world.

A couple walked by me, madly in love with one another.

I could only imagine how vibrant the world must look to them.

Bright marigold sunsets swallowing lapis blue skies.

Crimson roses covering emerald green grass.

Mom and Dad tried to describe the beauty of a painted world. From then on,

I wished to find my soulmate.

To see the eye candy of a rainbow-washed society.

I put my head on my lap and glimpsed into the achromatic, gloomy streets.

A few blocks down was a midnight black taxi.

As it came closer, I made eye contact with the passenger.

Their light grey eyes were suddenly consumed by a strange hue.

They stood out in the darkness surrounding them.

Different than anything I had ever seen.

They were blue.


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