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Awakened with vigilant senses like a hunted wolf, she calculated the distance to the bars, noticing rustling from another cell. Flung herself against the metal bars. It seemed the most appealing thing to do, it felt good. She tried it again and again...

It wasn’t helping. Collapsing in pain, her mind flickered with self realization. Of the fact that she knew nothing about herself or why she was here. Nothing but a vast blank space and the four letter word, “Rory.” It was capitalized. A name? To whom? She felt like a newborn baby.

Was it raining inside? Were those tears? Brushing herself off, though the only thing to “brush off” was worry. Unevenly she spoke.

“Hi ...” A small two letter word with great meaning, though she couldn’t recall the meaning.

“Hello!?” The response threw her into a protective stance. This unexpected synonym came from the wall. Silently, she pulled herself through invisible mud to where the voice had come.

She monotony repeated her word, “hi.” This exact same word was different. Still full of trepidation, but now noticeably crisp. Dead unbearable silence followed, it held the power to drive anyone mad. This black silence was suicidal and melancholy.

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