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“Hello…. This is he….Yes, I just finished treating the patients Mr. Wesst and Mr. Chang, I believe they had a respiratory disorder of some sort, we should find out after the fluid tests come back… Yes please have them on my desk…Okay…bye-bye.”

“Hi baby and hi Mommy Marilyn I finally get to see my loves in a week…Yes, I’m finally off duty in Hong Kong after these 3 months…The hotel is good, nice breakfasts too...mhmm... Okay, see you soon...Love you too.”

“...Yes, I would like to request an ambulance...I don’t feel very well, I am having problems breathing...Yes, I am staying at the Pearl Hospital in Hong Kong... Thank you.”

“...Hi honey I’m leaving this message I was just checked into a hospital. I’m not feeling so good, I’ll call you later.”

“A Physician died yesterday from a new respiratory syndrome diagnosed as SARS, and he has been classified as a super spreader, spreading the virus to almost everyone on the floor of his hotel and those in the hotel spreading it across the globe.”


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