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There I was, at my 8th grade school dance. I was in the bathroom straightening my tie because I was about to dance with the most beautiful girl in the whole school, Wendy Dutton. Her hair was a crimson red, she had light blue eyes that looked like the sky. She’s also really brave. She was the perfect person. 
I finish fixing up my tie and start talking to myself in the mirror. “Alright Max, don’t screw this up. She will never forgive you, you’ll be a social outcast forever if you mess up this dance.” I was ready. I step out the bathroom and quickly scamper over to the auditorium. There I was, in front of the door sweating like a pig. In there was the girl of my dreams, all my friends, all my enemies, and probably 2 teachers. I slowly put my hands on the door when I hear. 
“Hey! Max!” A voice says. It scared me so bad, I almost passed out. 
“Justin!” I say in a angry voice. “You almost killed me!” 
“My bad, I just wanted to say good luck and don’t screw up.” 
“Thanks I guess” Justin walked away. Justin is my best friend. His hair was dyed light blue and his eyes were green. He’d beat you in any video game possible.
“Alright, go time” I pushed the door open and step inside. The music was blasting. I start looking around the room for Wendy when I run into another one of my friends. 
    “Hey Max! Have you found Wendy?”
“Nope, still looking. Have you seen her?”
“No. Have you seen Justin?”
“He was just outside. He scared me so bad I almost passed out.” We both laugh.
“I’m going to find him. I’ve got a question for him” 
“See you later Lewis!” Lewis waves back at me and walks away. Lewis is a good friend of mine. Our love for superheroes is how we met. His hair is brown and his eyes are hazel. Lots of girls like him, even though he’s gay. 
Suddenly, I feel two soft hands touch my shoulders and twist me around. It was Wendy. 
“Wendy! I was just looking for you!” I say awkwardly 
“I was too. I had to keep asking my friends if they knew where you were.” 
“Me too.” I feel like I’m already messing up. 
“A romantic song should come on next. We can dance to that.” She says smiling while touching my arm.
“Y-Yes.” I stutter. She grabbed me by the arm and pulls me through the crowd of people. Her hand felt so nice in mine. It was like a dream. We were going to dance and It was going to be amazing. We get to the middle of the room and there’s nobody else there. (No one dances in the middle. It’s just too embarrassing)
“You ready?”
“Ready when you are” 
“3…2…1… Go.” The song changes to “Someone Like You” by Adele 
 We begin dancing. Everyone around us is watching and commenting. Out the corner of my eye I see Lewis asking Justin a question. Justin nods his head yes then they hug. I knew Lewis was gay, but why Justin? I wonder what Lewis likes about him.
This dance is going so well! I’m surprised I haven’t messed up yet! Lewis and Justin run to the middle and begin dancing too. A huge gasp goes through the crowd. Lewis and Justin just smile at each other and keep dancing. “I’ve never really danced before” Lewis says nervously 
“You’ll do great! I’ve danced with tons of people. You are the first boy though.” Justin says. They both laugh. 
“Huh. I didn’t know that Justin was gay.” Wendy said 
“I probably should’ve told you when you liked him.”
“Yeah! Probably! Do you even know how awkward that was?” Wendy starts imitating Justin. “I know you like me or whatever, but I’m very gay and don’t give a crap about you. Buh Bye!” We both start laughing.
“How do you do that accent? It sounded just like Justin,” I say laughing.
“Just listen to people very closely,” Wendy says shrugging. The song was almost over now, but more people were dancing in the middle! 
“I think we started something,” I say looking around the middle of the dance floor.
“Good! More people having fun means more dances! We can call this revolution the-” 
“DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!” I say interrupting Wendy. 
“You are too silly for this world,” Wendy says giggling. The song ends and everyone starts clapping for me and Wendy. 
“Why are people clapping?” I say confused
“They obviously enjoyed the performance,” Wendy says. She runs and slides onto the auditorium floor, she takes a bow. 
“Thank you, thank you all! I couldn’t have done this wonderful performance without the help from my amazing dance partner, Max Devi Martin!” Wendy says enthusiastically. I knew she was going to call me out like that. I was really shy and she was the complete opposite of shy. She wanted to remove me from my comfort zone. Sometimes it worked, other times… well… 
“Uh, Hi everyone,” I say walking up next to Wendy. Wendy grabbed my arm and pulled herself up. 
“Max and I are dating which means nobody else can date him. I’m very overprotective with Max,” 
“It’s true,” I say to the crowd. The crowd laughs. 
“We are the ultimate couple!” 
“Also true,” 
“WAIT ONE SECOND!” A voice comes from the crowd. A blob that looks like two people come running through the crowd. 
“Summer Rae,” Wendy says squinting
“Wendy Dutton,” Summer says squinting “Now I finally get to see Max’s new girlfriend. Quite the downgrade Maxy-Poo.” Summer had blond hair and green eyes. She was, without a doubt, THE most popular girl in school. She dated the five most popular boys after breaking up with me. I think she wanted to make me jealous but I don’t know.
“Don’t call me that,” I say “Hi Eli.” 
“Hey Max,” Eli says. “Eli was the second most popular boy in school. His hair and eyes were dark brown. He was the tallest kid in school. This rivalry between Summer and Wendy has been going on ever since Summer dumped me and Wendy smack talked her for it. Me and Eli were friends, even though Wendy and Summer don’t want us to be. 
“Max and I are a great couple,” Wendy says 
“No you aren’t. Nobody thinks you’re cool, popular, or funny like me!” Summer raises her hands in the air. “I said, like me,” Summer snaps and everyone starts laughing. 
“We may not be the hottest or most popular couple in the school, but at least we can make each other laugh without snapping! You don’t even like Eli, You only use him for popularity! You don’t have any real friends, they only hang out so they can be part of “Summer’s little posse.” ” Wendy screams. The whole room goes silent. Summer starts crying and runs away. Wendy starts crying too and runs in the opposite direction. Now the dance is over and everyone leaves the auditorium. I run after Wendy, trying not to run into anyone on the way. I arrive at the girls bathroom and put my ear next to the door. I heard crying. 
“Hey, I know you’re sad about the dance but you can talk to me,” I say softly. The crying stopped and someone starts walking towards the door, it opens slowly and Summer is standing there. 
“M- Max? What are you doing here?” Summer says. 
“I thought Wendy was in there.” 
“Wouldn’t you rather talk to me?” 
“Well… I... “ I stuttered. I didn’t wanna say no. 
“That’s what I thought. Who needs that red-headed loser? Not you.” 
“Hey. Wendy is great. Don’t be a jerk.”
“You think I’m the jerk?” 
“Yes! Everything that Wendy said about you is true! You only want popularity! After I broke up with you, you’ve been a huge jer-” 
“Shhh,” Summer stops me. “You know there’s one thing you can’t deny Maxy-Poo.” Summer kisses me. “I’ve always been the better kisser.” Summer walked away. I stared at her as she turned down the hallway. The next day comes and I’m talking on the phone with Justin on the way to school.
“Then, she kissed me!”
“Really? That’s insane! But knowing Summer, it’s probably just for attention.”
“I hope she doesn’t tell Wendy. I didn’t mean to kiss her, it wasn’t on the mouth, just the cheek! She just kissed me!
“I’ll tell you anything I hear from her. I’m at school already and her dad’s car just pulled up. She probably has a lot to say.” 
“Okay. See you later,” I hang up. I heard whispering while I was talking to Justin.  I think the first graders were listening to me, but I didn’t care. I finally arrive at school and get off the bus. Justin was standing right outside the school, waving at me. 
“Hey,” I said 
“So, got any news about Summer?” 
“No, she’s not here. Her car dropped off her brother.” 
“Strange, do you know if Wendy is here?” 
“I haven’t seen her yet, she’s not usually late.” 
“I’ll call her during lunch if she still doesn’t come” 
“Okay. See ya,” Then the bell rang. Everyone quickly flooded into the school, nobody wanted to be late. The hallways are packed to the point where it’s difficult to walk. I was looking for Wendy while going through the big crowd. I didn’t see her. I finally get to my locker after almost being run over by the sporty kids. I tossed my stuff in and sighed. 
“God, what happened? How come people have to like other people?” I say to myself while walking down the hall. “It always ends bad for someone.”
“Could be worst,” Mr. Kirby says, interrupting my conversation with myself. 
“Oh, ummm, hi Mr. Kirby. I was just getting to class.” 
“Good, now come on in, science is about to begin. “It’s gonna be a long class,” I stepped into the classroom and saw Justin sitting in a chair, saving a seat for me. 
“Okay class, let’s begin.” 
After class was over, It was lunch time.
I get in the line to wait for food. Unlike most schools, we have good food. Today is Friday so we have pizza. You always wanted to get first in line for pizza. Justin and I were always in line together, but today he brought a lunch and is hanging out with Lewis. Wendy still isn’t here. Eli is with Summer. It was just me. I need more friends. Maybe I’ll run for class president.  
“Hey! Max!” Justin says from the distance.
“Hey. How are you? It feels like I haven’t seen you all day.”
“I’m good. I was just hanging out with Lewis. He’s really funny.” 
“Funnier than me?” 
“You know you’re funnier” 
“Then why won’t you hang out with me?”
“I wanna hang out with Lewis. It’s not that I don’t like you anymore, It’s just-” 
“Whatever dude, Just hang out with your boyfriend,”
“I- I’m sorry man. I didn’t think you’d get so worked up about it
“I’m not worked up!” I yell. Everyone in the lunchroom looks at me. Justin runs away. 
“NEXT!” the lunch lady shouts. I sat by myself for the rest of lunch. Later that day I saw Eli walking down the hall. 
“Hey Eli.” I say reaching out for a cool bro handshake.
“Hey, I gotta question for you.” Eli denies my handshake
“Okay. What is it?” 
“Why did you kiss Summer?” 
I went completely silent. 
“You know we are dating? I like her dude.” 
“She kissed me. It wasn’t my fault.” 
“You didn’t pull back though. You liked it. I saw the whole thing and told your little girlfriend too,” Eli says smirking. 
“What? You told Wendy? It was an accident!” 
“That’s not what it seemed like to me,” Eli walks away. 
“Jerk,” I whisper under my breath. School was over now. I had to talk to Wendy. I jumped onto the bus, pulled my phone out and began texting her. 
“What do you want?”

“I’m sorry, the story that Eli told you isn’t true.”

You didn’t kiss Summer?”

“Summer kissed me!” 
What do you mean?”

“I was in the middle of telling her that she’s terrible, then she kissed me! On the cheek.”

“Eli lied to me. I thought he was cool.”

“Me too.” 
“I’m sorry for being so mean.”
“It wasn’t your fault.”

“We gotta get them back”
“We’ll talk about details tomorrow. Bye Max”
“See ya”

This is it. Today I was getting revenge on Summer. We had the perfect plan. First, convince Summer to run for class president. Second, once she wins, she’ll completely embarrass herself trying to be a good president. Third, laugh at her forever. I realize that this plan could go wrong in plenty of ways but it could go right so that’s good. Wendy was at school today and apologized to Summer.
“Hey, Summer.” Summer didn’t listen. “I just wanna say sorry for what I said at the dance. I didn’t mean it.” Summer still doesn’t listen. “I also wanna say that class president election is happening soon, you should enter. Summer glances at Wendy and smiles. 
“I will,” Summer says. 
The next day was the election and Summer won of course. Summer was going to start tomorrow. Our plan was falling into place. The next day Summer was going into presidency. The celebration was happening in the auditorium in front of the whole school. Summer was going to be embarrassed and it was gonna be perfect! 
“And welcome your new class president, Summer Rae!” The whole auditorium claps. 
“Miss Summer, what is the first thing that you will do as president?” Summer walks up to the pedestal. 
“I will extend recess!” Everyone claps and cheers
“Miss Summer, you can’t do that,” the principle says in a shaky voice.
“What do you mean I can’t do that? I’m the class president!” 
“Class president can’t change the rules of the school.” Everyone stares at Summer. Summer starts sweating. 
“Here it comes,” Wendy says.
“STOP LAUGHING AT ME! AS CLASS PRESIDENT I DEMAND YOU TO STOP!” Everyone is laughing now, even the principal. 
The principal steps up to the podium. 
“Well, I think we’ve all had a good laugh today. But we still need a class president.” Wendy raises her hand.
“Wendy Dut-“ 
“Actually, I’m raising my hand for Max Martin!” Wendy looks at me and nudged my shoulder. 
“Do it.”
“Yes” I slowly walk up on the stage. 
Mr. Martin. What is your first act as president?” I stared into the crowd. They stared back eagerly. I nodded at Wendy, she nodded back. We knew we won. 

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