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Anna gasped. “I can’t decide!”

“You must Anna,” Jane reminded her reassuringly.

“Some decisions are to difficult to be made,” she choked. “Why couldn’t Mom be here? She would know what to do.”

Jane squeezed her younger sister’s hand. “This is your choice, Anna. I can’t decide for you. You were made for this moment.”

The looming decision haunted Anna. Beads of sweat formed on her wrinkled brow. She must choose, and soon. This was a decision she would need to make over and over for the rest of her life... until she died. And she wasn’t dying anytime soon.

“Jane,” she whispered, unsteadily, “I’m ready.”

“You’ve got this,” her sister replied.

Anna stepped forward and took a big gulp of air. Her panic melted away.

“I’ll take a triple chocolate peanut butter surprise on a waffle cone topped with gummy bears, and chocolate Jimmies please!” she exclaimed.

“Finally,” sighed the exasperated server, “I thought you would never choose.”

Anna and her sister ran to meet their mom who had been waiting patiently in the car.

“What took you so long?” their mom asked.

Anna and Jane smiled at each other silently and licked their cones with relish.

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