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“Take this”, the man gasped as he lay on his deathbed and handed his little son a stopwatch that he always wore around his neck. “This is how much time you have left,” he motioned to the stopwatch. “Ignoring the gift of time can be a dangerous thing. Wear this stopwatch, for it will show you how much longer you have.”
            With that, the old man took his last breath. The boy, Charles, stared at the stopwatch that had just started a new countdown. Years, months, days, minutes, seconds.
            Charles wore the stopwatch, always. It made him feel secure. He became a risk taker. Nothing scared him, for the stopwatch showed he had a long life to live. As the decades passed, Charles knew that his time was running out. He was proud of having lived a full life. He spent the time with the people he loved, doing the things he loved.
            As the stopwatch began it’s final ticks, Charles lay on his bed, smiling, surrounded by people he loved, ready for his end. The stopwatch stopped, but his heart was still beating. Everyone cheered, but not Charles. For the first time in his life, Charles was scared.


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