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All he ever wanted was power; so he got power. He stole, he lied, and he killed, but never did he smile once.

His actions were hidden from the world, so he led an army of followers. Everybody loved him and no one could bring him down. Millions at his side? What more could he ask for? But even so, he never did smile once.

He came and he conquered; land after land were under his control. Any wish of his was granted. The world was on its knees and at his feet. It was all his, but still, never did he smile once.

Then the day came when the earth began to quake, and the trees and mountains around him began to crumble. He watched as his kingdom turned to ruins and his people turned to dust. The sky became dark and for the first time, he felt fear. He fell from his throne and drowned into the world that was once his. He searched frantically for help, but power could do nothing to save him that day. For right before he could breath his last breath, he finally realized the reason as to why he never smiled.

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