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Drowning in favors


Once upon a time, there was a bird named Todd.

Todd fell out of the sky one day,

And he landed on a knight.

The knight grabbed him,

And tried to hurt him.

He was mad,

That the bird had interrupted his nap,

Todd escaped,

But only narrowly.


One day, a knight fell into the river,

And Todd saw him.

He flew closer,

And realized that it was the same knight,

Who had hurt him when he fell from the sky.


He hesitated.

Should he risk his friends lives,

Trying to help someone who had hurt him?


But, he decided to help him,

Because he was only human.


He called to his friends,

Asked for their help,

And they flew lower,

And they grabbed the knight,

And tried to help him


But the current was too strong,

The knight was too heavy,

And the birds were dragged down,

Into the river.


The knight climbed out of the river,

Unscathed, and unbothered,

By the birds who had drowned,

Trying to help him


Todd was so caught up

On helping someone who had hurt him

That he only hurt himself,

And all of his friends.

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