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Await Renewal Hearings Before Signing Petitions, NAACP Asks

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Await Renewal Hearings Before Signing Petitions, NAACP Asks

The executive board of the Ann Arbor Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) today urged that persons hold off on signing petitions concerning a proposed urban renewal project for a 75-acre north-central Ann Arbor area.

The executive board in a statement urged persons in and outside the area not to sign petitions “for or against urban renewal until further public hearings are held to discuss the progress of the Citizens Committee on Urban Renewal.”

The statement was issued with specific references to circulation of petitions, begun Thursday afternoon, in opposition to present plans concerning urban renewal for the are.

One set of petitions involves organization of a North Central Citizens’ Association. Those petitions are for signatures of owners of residential properties, business properties, and businesses in and near the area.

Another set is for signatures of persons other than those eligible to sign the petitions concerning the association. The petitions for other citizens, in and the area and elsewhere, urge the mayor and City council to turn' down “the proposed ‘North Central Urban Renewal Project’ for the common good of all peoples and citizens of Ann Arbor."

The petitions concerning the association say that signers "give full power to a committee to be selected by us, to represent us and to act for our best interests in any way necessary or possible."

The local NAACP executive board said it was "particularly alarmed" with respect to that statement. 

The executive board said it felt that persons “should be aware of the fact” that signers “will not be asked to meet and decide on future action of the proposed North Central Citizens Association” but that signers will “give full power” to a committee “to act on their behalf.”

It also pointed out that a local NAACP meeting will be held within a week to discuss various aspects of the petition move, at which time a further NAACP statement will be issued.