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Exploring the Mind | Mood Lifters: A New Approach to Mental Health Care


Monday December 17, 2018: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room


Join Dr. Patricia Deldin, U-M Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Clinical Science Chair and Director of Clinical Training, as she describes Mood Lifters, a new, peer-led, instant access, affordable and science-based program designed to improve mental wellness and decrease sadness and anxiety.

At any given time, 70% of people report feeling stress and over 30% report symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many do not feel comfortable visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist to get help. They want to get better on their own. They are afraid to be labeled as “crazy” or seen as weak. Others cannot afford the high cost of traditional mental health care. Often people can’t find well trained providers who provide the latest, scientifically proven care.  At this lecture, Dr Patricia Deldin will describe an alternative to traditional mental health care—Mood Lifters.

Mood Lifters weaves together the most effective biological, psychological and social techniques, based on cutting edge research, to provide strategies that people can use to make changes, develop healthy habits and live the life they want. Mood Lifters was developed by a University of Michigan professor and is scientifically proven to reduce depression and anxiety and increase joy and empowerment.

This program is part of the "Exploring the Mind" series and is a partnership with The University of Michigan Department of Psychology.


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