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Fabulous Fiction Firsts #663, “(C)hoice, not chance, determines your destiny.” ~ Aristotle

Sun, 04/01/2018 - 11:43am by muffy

conincidence makersIsraeli bestselling-author Yoav Blum’s English-language debut The Coincidence Makers, * “artfully blend(s) elements of thriller, romance, and fantasy.” (Booklist)

Eric, Emily, and Guy are secret agents, trained in orchestrating life-changing encounters for their targets. They think of themselves as “creators of possibilities, givers of hints, winkers of tempting winks, discoverers of options”.

They each have specialties (Guy's in matchmaking). New assignments are slipped under their apartment doors, and the latest one, being of the highest level in complexity and danger, has Guy in a moral quandary. Asked to work above his pay grade (and expertise) on a mission that could alter world history, Guy must decide if he could ignore his conscience and get the job done. In the meantime, Emily, frustrated by unrequited love, arranges a personal coincidence to devastating consequences.  As the plot hurtles towards a stunning conclusion, layers of deception and orchestrated coincidences are revealed, and lives are forever changed.

A good choice for book groups interested in exploring issues of chance vs. fate, and free will. “Blum's clever, original piece of speculative fiction may appeal to fans Alice Hoffman and Paulo Coehlo.” (Library Journal)

* = Starred review

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