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Shelley Barnett and Giant Marigold, September 1971

Shelley Barnett and Giant Marigold, September 1971 image
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Ann Arbor News, September 30, 1971
This marigold plant, owned by Doug Barnett of 800 Westwood, grew to a remarkable height of 50 inches, and it has 45 orange flowers on it. Barnett's daughter, Shelley, is dwarfed by the plant. Barnett, supervisor of mail service at the U-M, grew it from seed he planted last spring, and he was surprised when it grew as tall as it did. "It's a good-sized plant," commented Jim Duffield, a teaching fellow in the U-M Botany Department, who has grown marigolds. Duffield suspects the plant may be an African marigold, so called even though it is a native of central America and has nothing to do with Africa. Hybrids of this species, says Duffield, usually grow from 30 inches to 36 inches, but some other hybrids are known to get taller than 42 inches.
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