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The Spire - by Simon Spurrier-

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 6:35pm by -alex-

picture of the book cover - the main character sits on a rooftop, looking into the distanceThe world outside is a toxic ruin, but genetically 'pure' humans have their refuge in the Spire - a huge, enclosed, vertical city that dominates the territory surrounding it.  Outside the Spire's protective walls, tribes of post-human 'skews' eke out an existence, caught between the Spire's authoritarianism and the predations of roaming bands of a radical religious sect bent on their destruction.  Within the Spire's walls, a detective is tasked with solving a series of grizzly murders and maintaining a fragile peace, while the city lurches toward chaos. 


Equal parts post-apocalyptic fiction and good old fashioned gum-shoe detective story, The Spire makes for an engaging read.  Follow the link for a review from 'Outright Geekery'


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