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Gardens at Northwood Terrace, Beal St., June 1968

Gardens at Northwood Terrace, Beal St., June 1968 image
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Ann Arbor News, June 13, 1968
Truckin' On Beal St. For the first time, students at North Campus are being encouraged to plant gardens, and the little brown patches of ground are "cropping up" all over the neighborhood. "One tenant starts it, and soon there's a continuous row in front of the apartments," said Mrs. Harold J. Burroughs, a representative on the Northwood Terrace Association which approached the University for the permission. To perk up the 20 inches in front of the buildings where grass doesn't grow anyway, Director of Married Student Housing Gilbert Lutz readily approved the idea. Its acceptance of the idea is evidenced by the middle photo. At left, Mary Bargeron, 3, watches 18-month-old brother Ara stab at the ground around a tree which held food for the birds last winter. Their parents are Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Bargeron of 1647 Beal. At right, Alex, the son of next-door neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Duffield White, plants the marigolds he started as seeds in eggshells. The bottom of the half shell is crushed for drainage, plunged into the soil when the green sprout appears.
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