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Bolgos Farms Buys Ypsilanti Dairy

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Bolgos Farms Buys Ypsilanti Dairy

Bolgos Farms, Inc., of 3601 Plymouth, has purchased effective today the business and certain assets of the Ypsilanti Dairy, Dean Bolgos, president and general manager, announced.

The acquisition means to Scio Township and Saline area milk producers who sell to Bolgos that requirements for raw milk will go up about 200,000 pounds a month.

Bolgos historically has purchased raw milk for processing at its local plant from Scio producers, and with the acquisition of Ypsilanti Dairy becomes single largest family-owned creamery in Ann Arbor.

The acquisition boosts Bolgos employment from 65 to 77 and gives the firm 17 salesmen covering 20 retail routes, four wholesale routes and an ice cream route. The firm now has two dairy stores.

In merging Ypsilanti Dairy into Bolgos Farms, the latter expands its product market into Ypsilanti for the first time. Bolgos said that Ypsilanti Dairy's milk processing plant and dairy store are to be used for the distribution of ice cream and other Bolgos products, with all milk to be processed in Ann Arbor.

"We will process close to one million pounds of milk a month,” Bolgos said.

Ypsilanti Dairy was purchased for an unannounced sum from Arthur Peters and his brother, Fred Jr. They will continue to operate what is now Bolgos Farms' cash and carry store in Ypsilanti and perform other functions within the Bolgos organization.

Bolgos Farms, which was formed here about 1900, has been serving customers in Ann Arbor and Saline areas.

Bolgos said the acquisition of Ypsilanti Dairy, in enlarging the Bolgos organization, will produce larger savings involving higher quantity purchasing and less plant overhead, with the result to be better service to customers.

Bolgos Farms’ other owners are Charles Bolgos, vice president, and Zina Bolgos, secretary-treasurer.