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Summer Game 2018

We know, the wait is UNBEARABLE!

We know the wait has been unbearable, but Summer Game 2018 starts TODAY!! Bear with us, activation is NIGH!

While we put the finishing touches on, you can sign up or go to your player page NOW!

It sure felt like winter lasted FOREVER (and then we sneezed and almost missed spring), but now JUNE 15th is bearing down on us so fast it's WILD! 

We know that while you were pulling on your 18 layers of socks and snow-shoeing to work, school, and upside-down hot yoga class, you were DREAMING about summer, and especially about Summer Game 2018--and SO WERE WE! 

We're preparing for the best Summer Game ever, but don't quit your hibernating just yet--Summer Game is still on paws while we tweak a few things. For now, just sit back, relax, gaze admiringly at this flawless, clawless Summer Game artwork, and feel free to check back soon to start playing.

But most importantly, have no fear--Summer Game's here!!!

The Summer Game runs June 15th-August 31st.