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You Go First

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 4:23pm by Lucy S

Scrabble Tiles

Ben and Charlotte have never met in person. Occasionally they chat on the phone, but where they really connect is through their games of online scrabble. This pair of middle-school students in Erin Entrada Kelly’s new book You Go First, are struggling to find their way among the sea of pre-teens they  each daily encounter. Ben’s and Charlotte’s differences make them an unlikely duo. Charlotte leans towards sciences and geology and Ben loves presidential history and Harry Potter. But they are both lonely, experiencing shifts in friendships, difficulties at home. Their turns at scrabble are more than just a game. They provide solace and security. When Ben plays a word Charlotte feels that “at least there was something she could still count on.”

Through Charlotte and Ben, Kelly shows readers that sometimes all it takes to act bravely is knowing one person is there for you, waiting for you to take your turn.

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