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Checkout Historian

Activate your Checkout History (if it's not already activated) and check out at least 1 item!
You'll find the checkout history feature under my account > account > preferences. Don't forget to save that setting, and you may need to convert your checkout history to a list if prompted!

Trying to earn this for your additional players? Each day's checkouts are recorded at 1 AM! So set your active player the night after you check something out, and at 1 AM whoever is the active player will get the credit for the previous day's checkouts!

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My checkout History is activated. Has been activated. Checked out item. No badge. Saved the record checkouts AGAIN, checked out another item, still no badge. What gives?

Hooray! The Summer Game has begun!
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Thank you, AADL!

Checkout history is activated and I just borrowed a few books from the library but still no badge.

Eli from AADL said there was a glitch on opening day. It is now fixed but, alas, it's not retroactive so some books checked out on Friday won't count.

And we all know what to do next .... check out more books, and DVDs, and Tools, and more...

It said I checked something out at 1:43 A.M but I was asleep at that time. Also the library was closed at that time. Any help?

Has anyone had problems on 6/18 with checkouts not registering for Summer Game even w/ checkout history activated & converted to a list?

Do items that are checked out on overdrive count? Mine over the weekend did not, and I am not sure if it is the glitch, or if they are not part of the game.

If my checkout history was previously activated, is it still possible to get this badge? I did check out some books today, but I'm wondering if it works.

I had to go to my preferences and uncheck the box and recheck the box, but now it works and I got the badge!

Do we get 50 points per checked out item? I checked out something today, but did not get 50 points.

Checkout history was already activated. Checked out 3 books today - no badge and no points for checkouts. Advice?

I check the other day and checkout history was activated (still is). Check a book out today, but no badge. Book shows in my history. Not sure what to do.

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