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Go! A Guide to Conquering the Catalog Badge

Welcome to the SUMMER GAME! New here? No problem! Because this is your very first CLUE on your hunt through the AADL CATALOG! Head there now and search for the word "clues" to find your first CODE, the key to all of Summer Game's points, puns, and piles of prizes! Click on the right search result and you'll find the clearly labeled GAME CODE! If you can't find your next clue, click on the line marked "CLICK FOR HINT" for a hint to help you out! 

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So the results are different for my daughter (with a youth account) than they are for me, even when we search the same word, in this case "clues". For my daughter, the first result was the proper Blue's Clues catalog item that had the Summer Game code. For me, I had to search by "Blue's Clues" and even then it was the 5th item.

Assuming the catalog search is smart enough to adjust results based on your profile, that's going to make the Summer Game harder.

You should tell people to sort by books since it is the first book, not entry. Otherwise your first clue isn’t accurate and will confuse newcomers.

Alas, this new catalog is difficult to navigate (and returns strangely ordered search results). I can't find #2. It's certainly not the result mentioned in the clue.

Yes, I'm also unable to find code #2; I don't find the navigation of the catalog itself too problematic (certainly different, but it will just take a bit of adjustment), but the order of search results definitely seems like it doesn't match the instructions in the clue. Has anyone reading these comments succeeded in locating this elusive code?

I finally found it. It was #20 when the search word was searched inside quotations and #43 when it was searched without quotations. That's mostly what I meant about difficult to navigate. How can quotations make such a HUGE difference when the search is only one word? A while back, I had searched for "Chicago Fire" looking for DVDs of the TV show. The results were so ridiculous, that I eventually gave up and I still don't know if the library carries all of them (I did find some).

It seems that the Summer Game team is still working on setting this badge up properly, as the display keeps changing for me. When I first opened the badge, it gave me credit for the first code, which I had not yet had the chance to search for, but after reloading the badge a couple of times it disappeared. I've now located all but one of the codes (I'm still stuck on #2), but it's now fluctuating between displaying my 4/5 progress and indicating that I've found none of the codes, or only some of them.
I guess we've started playing early enough that the game is still in the works. :)

Mine is also not recognizing codes entered (the entry page says code already entered, but the badge page still says 0/5 codes found).

I'm sort of worried that they may have started writing hints and hiding the codes BEFORE the redesign...

It keeps flipping back and forth between saying that i've found all the codes, which I have, and saying I haven't found any codes.

Bear with us y'all! We're squashing bugs as you point them out! Right now (6 PM) there's a bug that's keeping your progress from displaying when you reload the badge page. Stay tuned!

I don't know the best place to give this feedback, but the summer game website used to be a million times easier to navigate when the badges you hadn't completed yet were still grayed-out. Is it possible to bring back this feature?

Is it just me, or is this badge a little too easy because it specifically tells you what to search for?

Thanks to all the bug-reporters and -fixers so far, I've had no problems finding the first three clues!

I'm writing to report an error in the instructions for finding the fourth code. They end "filter your search by Materials: Tools." But there's no "Materials" in the list of filters -- "Tools" are under "Format". (Perhaps "Materials" was a category in the old catalog?)

Question/suggestion: Is there, or could there be in the future, a way to earn points for finding errors? :-)

Just started the game today. This badge was easy to complete. I have no problem with finding the codes. Reading all of the instruction is FUN and HELPFUL for finding the clues. Good job, aadl summer team!!!

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