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Hey guys I will be starting PGG, which stands for point grinder gang. There are no requirements. If you want to join, just tell me on this comment thread. I will check requests to join at 9 AM sharply every day, with some exceptions. I will tell you the exceptions the day before they happen. On those exceptions I will check requests at 6 PM. Anyway, what we do at PGG is we try to control the leaderboard, so if you want to join, post a request on this thread. Finally, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Just post it on this comment thread.

I looked at the leaderboard and people had "wrote reviews" for a lot of points how can you do that?

If you go through the catalog and get to the page of a book/dvd/whatever while you are logged in, you can scroll down and there is a blank text box where you can type in and submit a review. I believe you get 50 points for each review you write.

It is REALLY hard to believe that 425 people read 5 books in 5 days unless, of course, these are youth/children who read their age level. It would be interesting to know the demographics/data of the reader population!

Remember that LOTS of children do play the game and that includes children who are READ to - it would not be difficult to read 10 picture books! Thanks for playing! - erin GM

I too wondered where the “I finished this book” button had gone. I guess you have to go in and mark daily that you read something. I probably won’t bother/remember to do it each day. I think it’s important that reading is still featured as one of many activities supported by summer game points.

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