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When I pull up "Bannerama," it shows a code for Traverwood at 3:36 pm, but I have not yet entered any codes for banners.

You can definitely text codes. Make sure that you're sending your texts to 734-327-4200 - last year it was different and your phone might be sending it to the old #. If that continues to be an issues than submit a message to us and the summer game team will help you out! - erin GM

I like you can enter codes, get clues and search the catalog in one page now, instead of multiple pages.

take it easy -- remember, the staff has to take out the kinks and it takes time (tips from one of the "elders" on the game list

It gives all credit for writing reviews to the default account, even when I'm the active user.

Yes having the same problem. The parent account is always the active account and I can't the second user to stay active user for badges such as this one. The first account is always the one that gets the points.

I did not realize that someone who signed up last year was automatically signed up this year. Perhaps make that clearer in the instructions? Thank you so much for organizing this for families and the community.

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