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Meet Todd!

Our first aquatic introduction in our fabulous, totally "real" and not "fake" at all Fan Fish-ction of the Downtown Aquarium residents, coming in at no more than 28 inches in length, is *drumroll please*... TODD! We're going to take some time to introduce you to our very own snowflake moray eel! Todd grew up in a small town in Kansas. As a young eel, Todd decided to go to medical school at the University in Wisconsin. Snowflake eels usually live around 10-15 years, so Todd knew he had to work extra hard to graduate early. On the eve of his graduation, Todd had an epiphany- he didn't actually love practicing medicine! So Todd fled and now finds joy in being with AADL with all his fish neighbors. For your first code, search for "Snowflake" in the catalog!

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Even though I got all the codes for the badge, it says that I don't have any and isn't giving me the badge. I have the points, just not the acknowledgment.

How come the fourth code’s hint specifically says the name of the book with the code? Isn’t that a little too easy?

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