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Macaroni Style

Let's talk about MACARONI! That's right, folks, macaroni! Are we talking about the delicious cheesy goodness that is mac and cheese? NO! We're talking about the mid-Eighteenth century European fashion trend! A macaroni was a man who took fashion to the extreme. Think of it as modern day peacocking, if you will. Macaroni fashion included everything from flashy waistcoats to brightly colored stockings to fancy buckled shoes. BUT it is fair to say that the most notable element of macaroni fashion was a GIANT WIG that men wore on their heads. These wigs were usually topped with tiny hats (here's lookin' at you, fascinators) and something else. Try to figure out what another common wig topper was in macaroni fashion and search for it in the catalog!

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Can someone please give me a hint for the 3rd? I've been stuck for quite a while and I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!

*sigh* did they do it wrong? It seems the third one is impossible, I looked past #20 in the catalog. HELP?!


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I kept looking for the symbolist movement to no avail. Didn't look in tot he obvious.

"The Italian term maccherone, figuratively meaning "blockhead, fool, was not related to this British usage"
According to this source:

Try searching the word "maccherone" in the catalog and look for a book about Italians and their food.

This is how I found the 4th code.
Hope this helps. Happy Code Hunting!

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