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Summer Game 2018: Go Time!

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 11:07am by andrewjmac

It's time, IT'S TIME!  Some of you have waited 9 1/2 months for this and some of you have no idea what the rest of us are so EXCITED about!  Well, I'll tell you...


And this year's Summer Game has all of the great things you remember from previous games like CODES and BADGES and POINTS and BANNERS and EVENTS and SCAVENGER HUNTS and ALL THAT JAZZ.  How should YOU go about GETTING STARTED?

-Visit every AADL location and collect the copious codes! Westgate, Malletts Creek, Pittsfield, and Traverwood all have 10 codes hidden around the building, Downtown has 15 codes PLUS every building has a BIG code on the banner outside (all banners are going up as we speak)! 

-Head to the AADL catalog and get reviewing everything you can think of! 

-Read books, watch movies, listen to music, anything at all!  Just log the item you enjoyed (or didn't enjoy, in which case come to the Library, we'd be happy to recommend something) and get your points once per day! 

-Start getting started by starting with our GETTING STARTED series! 

Getting Started Badge Series

Checkout Historian badge image
Go! A Guide to Conquering the Catalog Badge badge image
Super Summer Reader badge image
Bannerama badge image
Tell Us What You Really Think badge image
Log Jammer badge image

Are you EXCITED? Are you PUMPED? Are you even still reading this blog post or are you gone and playing? WELL YOU SHOULD BE!! Unless you still have NO IDEA what we are talking about, in which case you should head over to the Get Started page to figure out how YOU *ahem*

And this year's Summer Game has LOTS more in store down the road, including: -Changes to the Summer Game shop! -New ways to EARN POINTS! -Great new GAME MODES!

So what are you still hanging around here reading for? GO PLAY!


Just to check, I'm not missing something with the star-giving, right? It's not possible yet? Because I don't see any stars or any place for stars in the catalog entries.

I've taken a few years off, but I'm so excited to get back into it this year! This is one of my favorite things AADL does!

same with the "Go" badge that introduced the catalog search? I see it's not there anymore, and I was not finding things where the hints suggested they'd be.

Sorry, another question. Is there no time/pages box for the Read/Watched/Listened? I had assumed based on trial and error that it was now limited to one item per day, but then I noticed that on my points board, there are 50 points for the daily bonus but zero points for the actual Read/Watched/Listened. Am I missing something here?

SBNB, you can log as much as you want! Some players really enjoy keeping track of their reading and such. This year, you get 50 points for each day that you log something, and there will be badge series for people who log on many days throughout the summer. But it doesn't matter how much time or pages you spend; you get points the first time you log each day.

BookNerd, we had a bug with Checkout History, it wasn't fixed until around 5 PM. Your next checkouts should score successfully! Thanks for your patience!

Why did Summer Game moderators get rid of the time/pages box for the Read/Watched/Listened? It was a good way, for people who are working during the time most point earning events take place, to earn points.

If would be nice if there were a quick link to "log your enjoyment", just as there is for entering codes. As it stands, I have to go to and then click on "my players" and then the button.


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Re the change this year to limit time/pages read to only 50 points a day: I'm curious if there was any thought given to how this limits people with mobility issues? There are some who played the game purely from home, reading and watching items, and accruing points that way. Obviously, people who are less mobile for various reasons, including physical reasons, will not be able to focus on the much higher points earned by finding codes around town. (The emphasis now on the buildings themselves versus the materials in them is certainly odd enough, but I would think many would find it troubling to see how this disadvantage to patrons with mobility challenges, whether physical or mental, has been inserted into the game.)

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