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Head to the AAATA website, find their Newsletter page, and look for the Summer Game code! Ride The Ride free with your library card Saturdays and Sundays from June 16 through August 26!

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"Under the icon", but on which page?
Note that AAATA has multiple articles about the library Free Ride program. On an EARLIER posting (June 4), they stated:
'Find a Summer Game code hidden on on the Newsletter page, which you can get to by clicking on “About Us” directly from the homepage, then “News & Events” for 500 points'
But... I didn't find it there, or under any icon there (at least from a Firefox browser, if it makes a difference).

I've wasted over an hour searching for a 'Level 1' answer. VERY frustrating!!
What am I doing wrong?
(and BTW, a bug... if you Preview this comment, it won't offer the Save again to post it...)

This is the convoluted path I used to find it - evidence to me that there are some usability problems... (For example, search for "newsletter" returns nothing. zilch. nada!)

On the first page of after you scroll down a bit, you will see some news items - they're on the right side. Click on "View all news".
Then on the left side of the main news page, you'll see an expanded menu.
One of the items is "TheRide Newsletter". Click on this.
On the right side of the page below the graphic about free rides, you can see the code.

Thank you so much! I, too, was having difficulty - search turned up nothing useful. Why companies think that giving a web-wide search as a substitute for a site-specific search is a good idea, I couldn't tell you. :D

I found it with no problem. Please read and follow the instruction carefully friends, and enjoy the search! It's part of the game :D

Thank you for partnering with AATA for this series of badges again, and for the FREE RIDES!

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