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Avengers Assemble

It’s time to meet Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers! You may have heard of this team of heroes in reference to a little film that came out this summer, Infinity Wars. We’re all pretty familiar with the Marvel cinematic universe by this point (we’ve all seen at least one of their movies, right?). We won’t retread the well-known ground of the movies. Instead, let’s visit some fun and crazy highlights from the comics, because comics can get PRETTY WEIRD.

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It seems there are two different Captain America movies that have codes. I found them in reverse order and that caused some confusion. So two stars is correct

I can't figure out the first clue. I type in what they say to type but only two results show up, neither with a code.

Um the badge doesn´t complete. I had finished the Big Hero 6 clue and it said be back next week so I didn´t finish the badge.

I’ve tried lots of different ways of entering the second code and I always get “Code is not recognized.” How does it need to be entered? Thanks!

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