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Mind Over Manor

It's a stormy night in Hampshire, England. The year is 1926. You're a detective who's been invited to a dinner party at the mysterious Tudor Manor. You take detailed notes of the grounds in your old notebook. You can never be too careful.

You are last to arrive and Ms. Scarlet, your hostess, introduces you to 5 mysterious guests who have been wandering the Manor, waiting for their meal. At last, dinner is served, one course after another. It is almost time for dessert when--EGADS! Ms. Scarlet takes a sip of her drink and falls dead asleep, snoring loudly in her dish. You know the signs of a sleeping serum when you see them. What's worse: Ms. Scarlet's priceless Ruby Candlestick is missing!

The crook has clearly hoped to distract you while they make their getaway, but the storm outside means now escape from the Manor is impossible! The culprit must still be here in this very room...

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I'm stuck on the third clue! I think I know who was closest but I can't find anything when I search the catalog for that part of the house.

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Search for the person's name without title, plus the location in the house. For example: "Scarlett Dining Room", not "Miss Scarlett Dining Room"

I, too, am having trouble locating the final code. I went 30 results deep using both the numeral and the spelled-out word and haven't come up with anything.

I really hope I can figure this out, because up until that very last clue search this is the best badge I've ever done for the Summer Game and I want more like it! I really appreciate all of the work that went into it.

My wife figured it out! Hallelujah! The final clue seems to be written incorrectly- we got it by looking for the room the suspect snuck off to *DURING*, not before, dinner. Good luck, everybody!

the last clue is written wrong; it's where the culprit went during dinner, not before. I don't think it specifies where, so you just have to try each room until you get it. once you get the right combo the book w/ the code is right at the top

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it- where would you go to do the thing they said they did during the fish course? I hope they fix the clue, because it fits so neatly with everything else.

I figured out what went wrong! I switched some things on the map, but never updated the suspect quotes! It should make more sense now. Hats off to those of you who powered through, it wasn't meant to be THAT hard!

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