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Wonka Mile in Hatcher

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 11:48am by nicole

The room with the exhibit in this badge is ONLY OPEN M,W,Th,&F from 8:30-5, and Tuesday from 8:30-8!
This exhibit and this badge, will be available ONLY UNTIL July 20th, so don't miss it!

To earn this badge, visit the Hatcher Graduate Library M,W,Th,&F from 8:30-5, or Tuesday from 8:30-8 and follow the clues to their exhibit, Quaker Oats Makes a Movie: A Scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka Adventure in the Special Collections Exhibit Gallery 660J.

To start on your scrumdidlyumptious adventure, head to the Hatcher Graduate Library at 913 S. University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.

Be sure to enter through the North Lobby entrance. (This is the entrance from the U of M diag!)

Once you've entered the lobby, walk past the book return and turn LEFT into the Library Gallery on the left side.

Go up the ramp and turn LEFT again, following the sign with the arrow pointing left.

You will see a sign hanging from the ceiling with 3 words on it, marking the entrance to a specific room.

The name of this room is your first code!


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Thank you, AADL, for a fun badge which celebrates some great treasures in the U-M library!

One suggestion: the last clue might specify that people should go to the 4th floor south.
(unlike 6, there is a 4 north)

hi. my son and I are at the hatchet library and there is no display case on the 6th floor with quaker oats or a pirates reward. we came after 5, but your clue says we’d be able to see it through the window and we cannot.

but your clue says: This room is open M,W,Th,&F from 8:30-5, and Tuesday from 8:30-8, but your code should be visible through the windows.
if you can't see the code after 5 because it's covered, then you shouldn't say it's visible through the windows. we wouldn't have gone after 5 if we didn't think we could complete the whole activity.

How many points were we supposed to get for code 2 because I got 25 points but my sister got 100.

The exhibit at the special collections is covered and no one can see it. This was a terrible place to put a code.

I really need to learn to read all the comments before doing badges on weekends. Didn’t know about the black covering of the special collections room. Grrrrrrr

Are there specific days/hours we need to go in order to get all the codes? It looks like there’s at least two different sets of hours in the clues and some comments about problems with codes not being accessible during certain times. We need to go on the weekend or in the evening.

Tuesday evening is the only weekend/evening time available for the fourth code. Also, the room for the second code closed early on Saturday, but the front desk person was nice enough to open it for us. They don’t have access to the room for code 4, though.

We're so sorry for the hassle on this badge! If you went and could not see the 4th code because the gallery was covered, that code is TREASUREHUNTGAME. Thanks for sticking with us on this one!

Sorry for all of the confusion! The wires got crossed somewhere. A facsimile of the relevant item from the exhibit will now be visible through the window at all times when the Hatcher Graduate Library is open.

A2SG Staff - An update for you and all the SG players...I am at The Hatcher Grad Library on Tues @ 5:30pm and the Quaker Oats exhibit on the 6th floor is not accessible as the doors to the Special Collections Research Center are locked. (According to the updated clue, they should be open until 8pm on Tues). So, thank you for providing the code for this 4th clue! (Maybe the Summer hours are different than those posted?)

Thanks for this badge! I had a great time exploring this library I've walked past a million times but never went in :)

Did anyone else have trouble with clue #3? I entered the 12 character call number that's listed for shelf 29 on the white paper sign like it says but i'm getting 'code not recognized.'

Turns out it's the 12 number and letters on the BACK of the sign. If you're looking at the side of the sign with 2 12 number and letters sets, you're looking at the wrong side. The correct side for the clue has an A at the top instead of a second set of 12 number and letters. It look me quite a while to figure thus one out.

Yes, please fix Clue #3. The Hint doesn't match the Clue at all. I tried entering both 12-character call numbers from shelf 29 on the 3rd floor (as in the Clue), and I also tried entering different variations of the "Mr.'s" name from the exhibit sign outside the Clark library on the 2nd floor (as in the Hint), but none was recognized as the code.

Turns out it's the 12 number and letter call number on the BACK of the sign. If you're looking at the side of the sign with 2 12 number and letter call numbers, you're looking at the wrong side. The correct side for the clue has an A at the top instead of a second 12 number and letter call number. It look me quite a while to figure thus one out.

When I enter "theaudobonroom" for the first clue it says text not recognize. I tried all lowercase no then with the first letter of each word capitalized and still doesn't work. Fairly certain that is the answer though...

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